Got a 1080p TV but street fighter is displays itself in 720p?


Im not sure why…
Call of Duty is 1080 and looks great
Grand Theft Auto is in 720 and is choppy and laggy
super street fighter is in 720 and non choppy. If I have a 1080 TV why isnt going to the higher resolution?

I installed the game when I was using an old SD TV is that the issue?


get a pair of glasses
read the sf4box


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Xbox 360 > Options > Display > 1080P.

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As pointed out by the first poster, indirectly. SSF4 runs ay 720p…


Native 1920x1080 games are in an extreme minority. SSFIV will not look any different at 720p or 1080p as it runs at 1280x720 native.

Also, Call of Duty games are 1024x600 with 2x MSAA IIRC.

So it’s either your TV has a problem outputting 720p @ 60hz.
Your TV has some wonky post-processing that looks terrible at 720p.
Or it’s just psychological.


What would that matter? His TV Should still say it’s displaying in 1080 even with the max res of 1280x720, I’m fixing his problem not his resolution because that tells me his xbox is set to 720 and not 1080. Sounds like to me is TV is having trouble or has a gaming option to help his TV in the menu somewhere.

Also SSFIV, Runs in 720p/1080p and 1080i, So it should do 1080 it even mentions so on this so called back of the box the ‘‘first’’ poster said.


A screen will only display the signal it’s recieving from the console. If it’s recieving 1080p, it’ll say 1920x1080p. If it is recieving 720p (which SF4 and SSF4 use natively) it’ll say 1280x720p. It doesnt matter if the TV or screen can do higher resolutions, it’ll only display what it’s currently recieving. My screen does 1080p and will display 1080p when I play certain games or watch bluray movies. When I put in SSF4, and have my resolution information displayed, it changes from “1920x1080p” and then flashes to “1280x720p” when the game begins to load and be displayed.

You might want to re-read what the back of the packaging says, because I just did myself to double check. It clarly says “Supported HD output 720p” on SF4, and “HD video output modes 480p & 720p” for SSF4.


Xbawks upscales the 1280x720 resolution.


The 360 can upscale native 720p games to 1080p, which isn’t going to look any better than if you had your TV stretch the 720p signal to fit the 1080p screen but it helps with monitors that can’t display 720p properly, especially if your TV adds input delay when viewing 720p.


I knew i wasn’t going crazy because my tv has never went from 1080 to 720 on it’s own.
I’m pretty sure my box for 360 on SSFIV says 720p/1080p/1080i

I have never seen my tv downscale, Clarly? Because my box clearly says 720p/1080p/1080i. My TV has never done this ‘flash’ effect you speak of ever. You mean to say your TV won’t upscale so it sets native back to 1280x720


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Now, what your TV shows when playing the game will differ depending on the make of TV, which is going to vary.And as has been mentioned, the game is natively 720. Upscaling to 1080 isn’t going to matter one way or another.


OP never specified if it was xbox or PS3 version. You cant expect me to know which he’s talking about. You cant also give proper advice without knowing what version he is using himself. That’s like giving a person advice for Mac OSX when they’re running windows. Two different things.

The flash effect I’m speaking of is when the TV’s resolution is at 1920x1080 and is at the console’s OS. When you load a game that loads to a lower resolution such as 1280x720, you’ll either get a quick flash, or milisecond of a black screen for it to refresh to the new resolution. Most of the time you wont even notice it because the console’s OS forces the screen to go completely black before a game/movie loads.


OP probably already fixed his problem. He hasn’t even posted a response.