Got a chance to buy this stick for 20 dollers shipped

good, bad or just mediocre deal?

just looking at it, it looks like total shit

Shit dont even come close. :rofl: You better get yo mmoney back. Or just use it as a collectible.

alright i really don’t have an eye for these things XD.

orochiseven i said chance i placed a bid cuz my bro said it looked neat and then was promply out bid and now all the higher bidders withdrew or the seller just had a lot of them. i have yet to pay.

It’s most definitely a low quality stick.

Oh my bad…well good,$20 dollar shipped isnt even worth the disappoint you would have from buying the crap. Although, the only thing its good for is the pcb…maybe, still not worth it with the high shipping.

I like how the emphasize the REAL.

REAL innovation! REAL crappy!

Back in the day when DC was the system to have, my friend had one of these sticks. It is actually pretty fuckin good. The stick and the buttons are all “microswitch” from what I could here and feel from the outside. This was a couple of months before I started to make sticks. It played decently. Only down fall is the buttons and the angle they are at. It seems to me that since it’s all microswitch based then the board must be prewired in the sense that the pcb is like an hrap rather than being an FS. I was thinking about pulling one from ebay and doing a shit load of modding to it such as putting a sanwa in there and putting liquid plastic over where the button holes are, letting it sit, then cutting/ dremeling/ sanding off the excess plastic and drilling new holes. Lot of work but it can be done. All in all you might like it. On the note of getting shit cheap I got an FS3 for $1 on Ebay, new. With shipping it came to $9 or $10. And I got a twin blaze stick for PS for $20 shipped:

Those are good deals on great sticks to mod.

-Tha Hindu

for the same price or similar price i saw like 15 Barbie psx controllers on ebay that might be worth it for the pcb. also wile i have a thread running were do poeple get those semi transparent buttons and ball tops?


We’ve got clear Seimitsu buttons, and we’re working on getting the balltops…


Vibration? Am I the only one who would hate vibration on a stick? :confused:

nope. i hate that too. HFS2s have vibration switches, and i think they’re useless and stupid.