Got a fighting game repetitive stress injury

I know this sounds ridiculous, my wife was wrapping presents and I spent several hours practicing hit confirm combos, now I’ve got huge swollen areas next to my thumb and shooting pain in my hands.

So bitter I have a week off and will have to take a break from gaming, but does anyone have experience with this? Is a break for a few days good enough? I’d hate to actually have to go to a doctors.

Never heard of this but I’d be interested to know which hand, and if it was your left hand, how you grip the stick.

Back when I played on pad I ran into this a lot. I have large hands and the location of the buttons and pad/stick caused trouble for me.
Once I switched to stick everything was fine.

Did you take time off, or when you switched was it good?

What hurt the most was hitting lp with my thumb, kinda like pressing a spacebar.

Sucks during vacation I can’t play, hoping it’ll get better soon.

The pain’s in your palm sort of between your index and your thumb?
That’s where I got it, so long as its not really bad, all you need is a little time off, like a week at most, and when you’re on stick you’re using different muscles, I really haven’t run into any issues with repetitive stress injury.

I’ve never heard of this/had this before.

I used to get NASTY blisters when playing on a Dpad, but thats about it. rest is the best option

Joystick Claw and Pad callouses are a rite of passing.