Got a great nearly perfect controller for the greatest video game of ALL TIME!


I know this is a fighting game site, and I love classic SF, Geo, MK games as much as the next die hard fighting game fan, however, tefightstands has just completed an Atari 720 Degrees stick for me! I’ve been rocking 360s and 720s for the last 3 days. Killer.

Complete stick, no art

Stick with art

Test driving my new baby! Thanks Justin!


Why is it so long?


Before anyone else goes “WTF is this shit?”, here’s a link to a 720 degrees enthusiast page.

I still have no clue why this thing is so massive.


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Two reasons for the length:

  1. You need the added weight because you really crank the stick as you try to get more rotations after every jump.
  2. I had tefightstands make it the same width as the fight stand I had him make for me


Why is this in GD?