Got a Happ stick... questions

This is my first custom stick. I also just recently started playing Marvel. I have a question, about Marvel in generally, but it also relates to custom sticks.

It is supposed to be fucking INSANELY hard to dash hitting lp+hp in this game? I’ve spent over 5 hours just trying to dash more than 50% of the time I hit the buttons, to no avail. This is normal?

I figure it is normal, you just have to practice it.

but 5 hours? that seems like alot

ur doing a lot of FP’s instead right?

are you doing one dash or multiple dashes
if its one its simply just fwd+lp+hp that’ll get you your dash.
wave dashing for multiple dashes is much harder, i can barely doo like 2 or 3

This may be a stupid reply, but are you by chance playing on a dc? And did you pad hack the offical dc pad? The offical dc pad has lag on the triggers, and if you set your hp on one of the triggers and your lp on one of the buttons, it won’t work very well doing simultaneous presses. Good luck.

Yeah. I thought it was normal, but I’m near 10 hours of the shit and it’s driving me insane.

yea, try using ur pointer finger and middle finger on the LP, and ring finger on the FP…

this is assuming ur using ur pointer finger and middle finger, LP and FP respectively… i have the same problem sometimes because the middle finger is longer and tends to hit FP first…