Got a new xbox MVC3 stick and its dead

purchased new in box hori real arcade pro 3 ultimate marvel vs capcom edition and its dead from the factory. I’m very disappointed that hori would ship a worthless brick around the world just to waste my time. I have a tournament coming up on march 10. I will probably get it exchanged with J&R electronics for free but I might need to pay return shipping. tested it on xbox slim, windows 7, windows xp with latest xbox driver. the green logo lights up and turns off so I know it has a pcb inside. windows is telling me the device is broken lol. I wont open it up even though I have a full service electronics repair service in house. its all SMD and I don’t have a dump of the firmware so there is really no point in doing the repair myself.

I’ll update here after I get it warranty claimed or whatever just to tell you how it went. let this be a warning to anyone ordering a MVC3 stick from J&R electronics who could potentially be sitting on an entire warehouse of dead sticks new in the box.

There’s a reason things have warranties. Was it factory sealed? Interesting story.

Is the breakaway USB end firmly secured to the jack? I had a similar problem with a new Brawlstick, pushing in the jack solved the problem.

after it no worky on the xbox I disconnected and reconnected the breakaway. it looks clean with no visual signs of physical damage. I have it inserted all the way. the weird thing is that I can get the green logo to light up for about 100ms on the xbox and about 500ms on the pc. if its got V+, G but no D+ or D- then it should in theory have the same “on time” for the green LED on both systems. so somehow xbox is refusing the handshake right away or something. there is communication but its just outside of microsoft specs.

EDIT: new in a box. I cant remember if the box had tape on it. it was sold as new and shipped to my house.

Might be worth checking the inside plugs are all attached properly as well. But if this will void the warranty then think carefully if you’d prefer to return it instead.

yeah I have read posts on here about the TE sticks having the cables disconnected during shipping from getting tossed around. I’ll try it. I dont think they will give me any shit unless they have a crime lab.

actually I changed my mind. if windows is telling me its a brick, then its a brick. if windows says it an xbox controller then it would be worth it to plug in the button and stick harness. J&R opens in a half hour.

I have sales experience so I really mean it when I say that the J&R has great customer service. I had to buy another stick to get it replaced faster but I will eventually get a refund for the first stick in about a week. they said that it is almost impossible to have a bad batch. sorry if I scared anyone away from J&R. they still have the best price and fastest shipping if your anywhere near NY.

Some one bought a new direct from HORI, HORI SOULCALIBUR V.
When person received it, the Arcade Stick would not work.

Open to get inside, sees that the USB cable was not plugged into the PCB.

yeah I was thinking that was a possibility but I ruled it out since the unit has power and the LED does different things on different USB hosts (xbox 360 vs Windows 7). so there is some kind of USB data going from the host to stick. it could be 3 of the 4 usb wires connected but I think its unlikely since they always layout USB with power on the edges of the connector. a cable not seated properly would have a bad connection on at least one of the outside wires of the connector.

My Post is mean to say that there can be problem straight from the box direct from HORI.
Not neccessarily saying that one of your cables are loose.