Got a quick question, about the LS56

Sup guys, I play on both a Happ/IL setup on my Xbox 1 CPS/SNK emu’s, and a HRAP EX-SE
( for my 360 games. Well I’ve noticed that I far prefer the Happ style due to the longer shaft and stiffer springs. I play better on the Happ, all other things equal. I noticed the LS56 Seimitsu has a similar feel to the Happ, so I wanted to try one in my EX-SE. I currently use the LS32.Well I am new to the idea of the custom mods, and need to know what plate style my EX-SE has and what I need to mount the LS56 in it.

I have been searching, and have found some good info, but it’s so cryptic finding good info on the site. The search engine really does not do the site justice. You can’t even search terms like “ls-56” due to both ls and 56 being too short.

Can someone help me out?

Replace default VF Mounting Plate of LS-56 with MS Mounting Plate.

Thank you very much my friend.