Got a (small) problem with my Wii

Well I have a Japanese Wii and recently bought NTSC-U of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, problem is my Wii isn’t running the game for some reason; I have other NTSC-U games that run just fine. BTW I haven’t used my Wii in a few months (busy with college) though I doubt that’s the cause.

Maybe only certain Wii games are region coded or there was an update installed that prevented the running NTSC-U games on a Japanese Wii. Do you have an American Wii you can test the game out on?

There’s a problem with Smash Brothers not running on some consoles due to the fact that it’s a dual layer disc. A dirty/dusty lens is causing the malfunction. not saying that’s your problem, but it could be.

^Ah yeah maybe your right, my lens COULD be dusty, guess this means I have to take it for repair again >_<.

Can’t you just but in one of those cleaning discs that have a little brush on them? I’ve read other people do that and it works just fine. I plan to try it as well as my copy of SSBB doesn’t read half the time.

i blew my Wii out with a can of air when i had this problem with my smash bros game. it fixed it and i havent had any problems since.

Wait, is your Wii modded? Reason I ask is because the Wii is the only next gen console that cannot is not region free. If you buy an NTSC-U game it will only play in NTSC-U consoles UNLESS you have a modchip or the new Wii Freeloader. I am guessing you have a modded console and it is equipped with the Wiikey modchip or an early version of the non upgradeable Wiinja modchip because that is the only one at this point that cannot run the original version of SSBB Japanese or American. It will play the burned versions though if your consoles laser is configured to read DL burned games. Hope this summed it up for you.

-Tha Hindu

Alot of people are reporting that the genuine game disc will not run if your Wii is modded, yet the pirated version will! :confused:

This goes for people with the same region machine and disc.

I think it’s some way Nintendo are getting back at people for modding their consoles.

It is not because of that. The only updated firmware chip that will not play it is the Wiikey with firmware 1.9G. Reason being is that there is a glitch in the firmware that makes the laser read at an intensity that is too strong to read the original DL games. It is fine with any other chip out there.

-Tha Hindu

If Nintendo did that on purpose, wouldn’t it encourage people to pirate more? Because isn’t the point of pirating so that you don’t have to buy games in the first place? :wgrin:

well there is an OFFICIAL wii freeloader now.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense, but that’s what people are reporting.