Got a Wireless Fighting Board? Use a proper battery

Taken from my reddit post here:

The batteries sold by FocusAttack for use with the Wireless Fighting Board are TRASH.

They are labeled as 1800mah, but this is FALSE. These are the same cheap Chinese Dualshock 3 replacement batteries that have been floating around the internet for YEARS. There is no way a battery of this size is 1800mah – especially since the official Dualshock 3 battery is the exact same size and only ~570mah.

To make matters worse, these cheap replacement batteries are often old stock, so they don’t hold charge well and are already half dead before you even start using them.

The Brook WFB uses any standard 3.7v li-ion battery pack. These are pretty easily found online, but I use ones from adafruit:

2500mah, works great. High capacity. Only issue you may encounter is that due to the high capacity your PS4 might give you a low battery warning too early. Otherwise they are 100% functional and way better than the trash being sold by FocusAttack.

If you REALLY wanna go crazy you can even try using this even HIGHER capacity one from Adafruit – but I haven’t tried it yet:


Brook WFB uses Dualshock 3/4 wiring config, which is opposite from most of the batteries you can find online. You will need to take the red and black wires in the connector and swap them before using them with the WFB. See below picture:



1800mah isnt much anyway. Its pretty much a no brain mod. As long as a battery supports 4.7v output all u need to know is the mah u want to achive. Id say at least focus attack is providing a outlet for a battery but would say any 1800mah battery is garbage if u want to clock in some good gaming time in. Wording just sounded a personal about focus attacks product.

I think the real conversation would be to explain what mah is to people and what are good reputable batteries and not a cheep Chinese knockoff and leave out the focus attack attack on cheep Chinese knockoff ps3 batteries. Cut the negitive out and promote it as a positive upgrade to the existing standerd out. U did all that nicley but it would be great to explain how to calculate mah and what it comes to in terms of hours u will get out of gameplay before your battery goes dead…

That is good to know the polarity is swapped for the battery on the board.

Some of the batteries I bough in the past didn’t came with the right shape plug (if at all) so I ended up clipping off the plug to a dead DS3 or DS4 battery and splice it into place.

as for the proper mah rating (miliamps per hour), its how long a battery can support a charge (depending on the draw), you can always go higher on mah, but never lower. I got somewhere a 12 volt 2 ah battery (two amps an hour). Think if mah as how much amperage that battery can support at max output, in one hour it can supply X before its dead.

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