Got an Article about the Fighting Game Community? Post it Here!

Got an Article/Interview about the Fighting Game Community? Post it Here!

So, after reading this thread by HAV

I noticed a couple of things:

  1. There are players that want to contribute, but won’t because their work will get drowned out by daily updates for posts.

  2. On the flip side, there are people who are higher up in the SRK ranks that seek out said content, but get perhaps a fraction of what they ask for (if that).

So, the purpose of this thread is to serve as sort of an outlet for 1) and 2).

Simply copy and post your article here. If you wrote it in a word processor you can attach it here as well. If you have questions about posting pics or spicing it up, you can find how do to that here

Don’t be intimidated by the code. They give an example for each, so you just literally copy the code and replace it with what you want to add.

If you like the articles that you see on here, then click on the like option. You can comment and talk about said article as you will. However DO NOT QUOTE THE ENTIRE ARTICLE in you reply because the articles take up enough space on the page as it is. As more and more articles are posted, I will organize and put links in this post so they do not get drowned out, which addresses 1). If Keits or the powers that be see enough likes, they might just be convinced to put it on the front page, which addreses 2). However, even if this does not occur, at least there’s a place it can be stored.

New Articles/Interviews this Week 8/1 - 8/6


Evo2k11: Alex Valle Interview . Jesse Cortez

Cross Counter Asia interview Series - Fuudo [ EVO2k11 Champion ] pre EVO2k11

My Attempt at Domination 101: Thoughts on “Randomness,” Mashing, and High Level Play. Poe22222

Seth Killian Interview. Ewic.

Previous Articles/Interviews


The Dogface Show. Dogface.
(Ok these aren’t text articles, BUT they are very entertaining interviews with pro players and members of the FGC.)

Beginners Guide to Dhalsim in ST/HDR. Warrior’s Dreams.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

                                Super Turbo

Top Player Interview with CigarBoB. VirtuaFighterFour.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Player Interview with Bob Painter aka Kuroppi. Papasi.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo Player Interview with DGV. Papasi.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Player Interview with David Boudreau aka XSPR from Japan. Papasi.


Interview with Thelo The Great. Philcito.

reserved 1

reserved 2

reserved 3

Was on the front page some time ago. I’ll revise it and make part 2 someday.