Got funstuff from Japan today
A couple of nice stuff, huh? I will take individual pics + scan both of the catalogs. They have stuff not shown on there webpage, strange stuff…

Please do make some scans of the stuff, those balltops look nice!

Those be mine, or at least the two greens… Very much looking forward to delivery! :karate:

Some loose pics:
PS-14-K -> In Japan they are referred to as “skelleton” buttons. 8 Colors I think…
PS-14-P vs PS-14-K -> The green is what is called in Japan a “Pearl” button.
PS-14-GXN vs OBS-30B -> The black/blue is very much like Sanwa RG buttons (even has the same switch on it). And the Sanwa OBS-30B, this button (haha)…I love it. This is more like american competition feeling (even stronger “click” in it). This is my favorite :D!

Lots more photos + scans later. Also for those who want to order LS-32-01 and was asking me if was to be -02, here is a pic to smoothen you guys up:

More later…

Don`t know if I posted this…but you guys who gonna get a LS-32-01…this is how it looks:

Does Seimitsu do bat-tops?

Nope, but Sanwa do sell white bats, but they do not show it on the webpage. I will scan and you can see everything for yourself.

Do you sell these things?

I sell directly from Japan so if you want something then just send an email:

Does Sanwa/Seimitsu have sticks that don’t use leaf switches?

^_^. I will post a .pdf for each catalog, then everybody can see.

Thanks! That would be awesome. I’m currently deciding whether to either ditch my HAPP stick all together and go Japanese or just buy a ball-top shaft that’ll fit the HAPP.

Here is some funstuff just in:

Seimitsu LS-64 Analog Joystick
LS-29 -> 4 on each side of the stick.

Analog joystick, is that for games such as smash bros melee?

Could it be some sort of optical stick like the p360 or Flash? :xeye:

Looks mechanical, a better designed pair of potentiometers just like console analog sticks. Probably the same sort of potentiometers they’ve used forever in sit down racing games for the steering wheel.

wtf are the “PS-14-GW”?

PS-14-GW? PS-14-GXN you ment maybe, the black/blue buttons?

I’m not gonna get excited by Sanwa’s new offerings until they bring the Flash back. Why don’t they produce the Flash anymore???

damn, i like the new stuff. the clear button was really hard to see lol, but i like it!! :smiley:

The Flash uses a american patent, think that has something to do with it.