Got Hori Fighting Stick 3...should buy SSFIV TE?


Hi, I got a Hori Fighting Stick 3 and some days ago I’ve noticed that a shop near my house sells the SSFIV TE FightStick @ 109$. I’m not a beat’em proplayer, I don’t know the real difference between these arcade sticks and I would use this stick for enjoy MvC3 and SF x Tekken (in the future), but I should buy it? What are the differences between my Hori and this MadCatz stick?

Another important thing…is Ps3 SSF4 TE PC compatible as my Hori FS3? And are all these "“actuals” stick compatible with next console generation?

Thx :slight_smile:


A Mad Catz TE or HRAP is a lot better than the Hori Fighting Stick 3… The FS3 is built with Hori components and in a very short time after intensive use those parts break down and cannot be replaced unless you’re prepared to take the case apart and literally gut the internal components. The FS3 is just not made to be repaired once it breaks.

The Mad Catz TE and Hori HRAP 3 SA are made with arcade components that will last a long time with light usage. Even IF the joystick or pushbuttons in them wear out, the stick bases are made so that component swapout is very easy… IE, you can buy new parts online to easily repair what’s worn out in the joystick or buttons OR swapout components entirely.

Convenience of maintenance and higher quality is what you get when you pay higher prices. Also, the TE and HRAP SA are noticeably more comfortable to use than the FS3.

As far as PC compatibility is concerned, that depends on the chipset and USB standard that your PC uses. HRAP’s are generally compatible across the board. The TE’s seem to be more finicky about chipsets/USB standards. TE’s are generally easier to get in-store and more plentiful online since Hori is a foreign company.

As far as future compatibility, who knows now? My bet is that PS3 components will PROBABLY work on the PS4 IF it maintains the USB standard the PS3 uses… The 360 joysticks could be locked out from the next-gen XBox if MS changes the security chip that’s integrated into its next-gen system and all licensed controllers. Nothing’s 100% and those machines are at least 2 years away…


I agree with George. The TE at 109 is a good price (and potentially cheaper than buying the tools and parts to mod the FS3). Out of the box, you’re using arcade parts and everything is interchangeable, and you get a slightly better case.

For specifics on the TE’s PC Compatibility, check this thread - . If your computer’s USB controller isn’t UHCI compliant, you’re better off with a Hori HRAP3-SA or your current stick.

Don’t buy a stick today hoping it works out of the box with the next gen consoles. Given the current jailbreak situation, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony required official controllers for their next console (like MS already does). Hopefully there will be a converter, but padhacking will always work.


Buy it.


Yeah, my MB is an ASUS P5Q with Intel Chipset, 2xEHCI and 6xUHCI…should works :shy:


You know what you have to do. :slight_smile:


Couldn’t have said it better myself! In short, it’s a night & day difference between a Hori FS3 vs a TE/HRAP3-SA!!!


Get a Hori V3 SA.

You wont regret it.