Got in a fight with my friend over the Seth matchup

He swears that it’s now 7-3 and says he doesn’t know why Gief players whine when they can kill Seth in 3 hits.

My opinion is that it is so hard to get in vs a good Seth and it was the worst matchup in the game in vanilla.

What are your guy’s opinions? Is Seth vs Gief still the worst matchup in the game? Or is it more 6-4.

until AE I have it as ‘impossible on a high level’, and ‘annoyingly difficult’ on an average level…worst match-up…prolly, if not its a top three.

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I would easily rate this a 7-3 In seth’s favor.

He may not require a lot of damage to be done to be beaten, but getting on seth is fucking impossible on a higher level. Those jump back fierce is what annihilates gief.

1.) Jumping back.

  • If gief tries to jump forward, he gets tagged by jump back fierce
  • If gief tries to predict arms with lariat, seth just lands a safe jump back and throws sonic boom/stretch arm nonsense.
  • If gief tries to EX-GH (9/10 times it whiffs since they’re usually predicting it), stretchy arm punish after he lands

2.) Teleport

  • Get out of Gief-train free card EVERY time. (At least bison the max distance back can be punished if predicted)

3.) Safe-wall jump kicks

  • They stuff lariat. Need I say more

Maybe see what they say on the Seth forum. It will get a little less bias :smiley:

don’t know ur friend but here’s what i do know:

1.he’s not a gief player
2.either he’s a scrub seth or doesn’t play seth
3.really has no idea what he’s talking about cause it was the worst match in vanilla and is definitely still top three in super

6-4? there’s no way this match is 6-4 and whoever thinks that has never played a really good seth.

Man a shitty seth will still keep you out.

All he needs is stretchy arms, booms, teleport, and dive kick.