Got my ass handed to me by the entire game

hey. yeah, i’m fairly new to fighting games. i started playing with SF4. anyway, i really like the idea of this game, but it seems too difficult for me. i never really played mvc2, or any versus fighting game before (with the exception of that tatsunoko game), and the one time i played mvc2 online at my buddy’s house, it seemed like everyone online was a quite a few levels higher than me (skill wise). i bought this game, and tried mission mode. most everything on there beyond, like, the fourth mission seems impossible for me to do. so, i tried going online to see if i could get by without, you know, memorizing the characters and air-combo’s. needless to say, i got my ass handed to me. repeatedly. i ran into this same problem with tatsunoko, and ended up returning that game. i’ve never been good at memorizing long strings of button inputs, that’s why i don’t play tekken, but it seems like in these versus games it’s a requirement. i really want to keep this game, and to be half-way decent, but it just seems like everyone else has had 10 years of practice before i even got the game. is this something i’ll be able to get passed, or will it all have just been a fruitless experience?

AFAIK this game isn’t about memorizing long strings; it’s about using combinations of short repeatable strings. I’d go through the mission mode again and work out your favourite/best 3 characters and practice with them.

There are a lot of pretty good players out there–I’m winning about 40%, mostly against people who are obviously new to fighting games. I’m pretty new myself. I do think it’s going to be an uphill process, but if you practice anything enough, you can get decent at it.

What I hate is the lack of replay mode–it’s very hard to figure out exactly what you did wrong in a given match when there’s no record of it. Just makes it so improving requires even more practice.

I guess my point is that lots of us suck bad. If you have the drive to practice and analyze why you’re losing, then eventually, you’ll get to be at least OK. That seems true in all fighting games (and perhaps in all things period).

This game is quite different from MvC2, so while there are players that took to it quickly and are fairly skilled, the playing field is still very level at this stage of the game’s life. It’s definitely something you will get past, but it’s not going to happen quickly. It’s akin to training in a martial art. In the beginning, and for a very long time, you get your ass beat. But over that amount of time, if you take the time to practice, and learn what caused your losses, you will improve, and you will lose less.

if this game feels difficult for you then the fighting genre isnt for you…

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hmmm… well, it did take me quite a while to get semi-good at sf4. when i first started that, i couldn’t even make it to seth on normal, and could only beat him on very easy. yeah, i do want to get minutely formidable, so i’ll stick with it. hopefully i’ll start to see a difference after, you know, getting better. well, this is one mvc3 gamestop aint getting back.

In all seriousness, this is about the easiest fighting game I’ve ever played. In terms of learning moves and such.

You don’t really have to learn any long button inputs for this game. You can instead learn a few short strings of inputs and put them together in more or less any order. If you think of these short strings as words then a long combo would be a sentence. The words have to be learned but once you know them you can make any sentence you like from them (with a few simple rules).

Marvel vs Capcom 3/System Guide - Shoryuken Wiki, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Strategy and More!

The above link is a good place to get started.

But the best advice I can give a new player is to go to training mode (pick Ryu to start) and just get comfortable with the game system. Practice moving, dashing and super jumping 'til you’re comfortable with them. Then practice your basic special moves and combos. This best way to do this is just to do them over and over. Do 100 fireballs and dragon punches from either side of the screen. Then do 100 magic series combos. (Light, medium, heavy, launch button). Then try following your opponent into the air (press up after a launcher) and repeat the magic series.

The most important thing is that you get comfortable with the basic commands (like a fireball motion). Once you’re comfortable with them you can try doing things like ending a combo with a fireball or a super (it’s the same command but with two buttons). Once you’ve got confidence with the game and the controls just experiment in training mode for a while. The chances are if you think you can do a special move or a super after a combo (Light, Medium, Heavy) or if you think you can catch your opponent to start a new combo you probably can! So take some time and play around.

Once you’ve got the basics under your belt (it shouldn’t take that long) you’re ready to try challenge mode again. You should find that things are a bit easier now. And you should have more confidence so that you’re not so overwhelmed in a real match.

Excellent response.

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