Got my first arcade cabinet :) Help needed!


I just acquired my first arcade cabinet. Its a
Dynamo Showcase HS-15 with Marvel vs Capcom 2
naomi hardware inside. It’s in rough shape and
I am trying to restore it. I would like to put
a new lcd monitor in it. Any recommendations on
size and type? How do I connect it to the naomi
hardware etc. I am planning on putting my Xbox 360
and PS3 in there as well. How do I hook them up so
I can use the existing joysticks and buttons? Any help
would be greatly appreciated!!!


Try the Build Your Own Arcade Controls forum. They have quite a few restore examples and probably more experience than TT (no offense) and will be happy to help you with that. As for the LCD to use, check out the HDTV Input Lag thread. Read it before asking questions at the end.


thanks for the reply!


To expand on what ZeroSumHappiness said BYOAC has some excellent resources that can answer a lot of your more general questions such as Thier Wiki and thier Read This First Thread. I would look there for your more general questions and post specifics in their forums.


thank you also!


congratulations. got pics?


i took it apart and its in pieces but i will post pics soon buddy :slight_smile: