Got my first stick and can no longer play Viper. :(



Got a SE Madcatz and was really excited.

I first tried it on SSF4 AE where it made my Guile a lot better instantly.

So I was so happy I switched to UMVC3 to play my favorite fighting game character MVC C.Viper. I was very sad to find I could barely do seismos, none the less chain them. I could do simple LMH Seismo L about 1 out of every 5 or 6 tries.

I had a hard time with her box dash loops because I couldn’t do the Seismos (the daigonal input always got skimped on with the square gate) and then the IAD wouldn’t come out a lot of the time because the down to up for super jump on stick is alot slower and I got a normal jump cancel instead of SJ cancel seismo.

This sucks. I have put in literally 300+ hours on my pad Viper in training mode and was able to use all of her tools on pad except for bk cancel plink H for her staircase stuff. Now I’m back to day 1 fighting game learning to do SRK motions and SJ cancels.


Give it time. The SRK motions are really tough at first. In SSF4, they’ll be easy because SSF4 has shortcuts. The SRK motions will come with time, just practice. It’s really easy once you get the hang of it. As for the superjumps, again, that will come with time. Just put in the work and don’t panic. I didn’t think I would ever get used to it when I first got it, but after two weeks or so I was better than I was on pad, and I only got better over time.

I played Viper for a while so I feel ya, just ride it out. Guile in SSF4 is charge-based, so you won’t feel it as much as if you played a shoto or motion-based character. I played Oni in SSF4, and he’s forever canceling things into DP and HCF, so I actually never got used to stick and kept using pad like the fraud I was. :rofl:

But in Marvel, it’s a lot more buttons and I never felt the need to go faster. My thumb is faster than my wrist as far as control, so I could do things really fast on pad but I was slightly sluggish on a stick in SSF4. In UMvC3, that’s not a problem at all, and I can play well on both pad and stick. I just prefer stick, and I’m more consistent on it.

So yeah, coming from a mission mode 100% and Doctor Strange and Magneto player, hang in there and execution difficulties will work themselves out. You may have to re-learn the game, but you’ll get back to your old form soon enough.


Also, spend some time in Tech Talk researching the SE / Brawl sticks.

You basically need to replace the stick off the bat, and will need to replace the buttons pretty soon. Tutorials are there, so search don’t ask.

And please bear in mind there will be a learning curve going to stick no matter what. Good luck.


Thanks for the responses. I’m not gonna give up, I was just kinda shocked that I was having such a hard time doing SRKs. Its like I’m 5 years old again learning how to play fighting games from scratch.


Get a Hitbox >_> Nothing can beat Hitbox seismos with viper. NOTHING.

But on stick, it takes time. It took me 2 months to be comfortable with my stick when I played on one. You have to learn to love the square gate or get an octagonal. Either way it takes muscle memory.


The reason why your Guile got better with a fight stick is because he only has 2 moves and 2 ultras… :stuck_out_tongue:


damn. looks like youve no choice but to quit the game now…


Or main Vergil. XD


A trick I found was to do DF > D >DF > ATK

Also try to start holding Forward/Back sooner so you can pre-do your moves for them to come out faster.


Yeah, I forgot to mention a little trick that helps me. Basically, if there’s no chance of interference with a :hcf: special (and there is only one in UMvC3, but no shortcuts anyway) you can totally do :f::df::d::db::d::df::atk:. The only time that will get you in trouble is in like SSF4, because the shortcuts make that register as :hcf:. Even though it’s a longer motion, it can help you end on :df:. I mean, I guess you can end on :f:, but it’s better to end on :df: because otherwise sometimes the game counts it as :dp: and sometimes it counts it as :qcf:.

My DP’s always look so sloppy on the input display, but they work! :wink:


Yeah I played some SF4 matches today I got so frustrated but wasn’t much better there either. My srks come out as hadoukens and I can’t do much.

I feel like I’m trying to use an iPad wearing oven mitts . It’s not the same but the frustration level from previous is.


Hah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, the only answer you’re going to get is that you need to learn to use an arcade stick properly/accurately, hold your stick in whatever way is the most comfortable and grind out hadoken/srk/sjc motions. Not much else you can do except for getting your ass handed to you in-game until you get the hang of it. I would highly recommend trying to learn the stick, it’s so much more comfortable and easy on your hands/wrists for long gaming sessions compared to a pad. (imo, pls no hate)


First things first, swap out the SE joystick and buttons for Sanwas ASAP! I remember when I got my first stick (the TvC one) I had a lot of trouble doing stuff like TK motions. As soon as I switched to Sanwa the motions came out like butter. The stock SE joystick isn’t that great and will definitely hinder your execution to some degree.

That said, you’re going to have to practice on that stick if you want to get better with it. After enough time you’ll be able to do everything you can on pad.


Does it matter if its a Sanwa square or octo gate?


I feel you bro, I play a lot of Viper in Ultimate, got a stick (Qanba Q4RAF which has Sanwa parts I think), and suddenly I couldn’t do her Seismos anymore (I don’t box loop in my bnb, so I never had to IAD. Sorry, but I won’t be much help there)
Go into training mode and try the seismo until you can get it about half of the time. After that, go into matches against the CPU (less crazy than matches against people) and try to get the seismo in a combo a few times. Don’t get depressed if you can’t get it immediately. Stick has a lot of unique advantages over pad, especially in Street Fighter, and it’s worth the effort. After about 2 months of trying this and getting pissed at myself I’ve started to get it down. I’m still not up to where I was with pad, but I can see how much better I can be with stick, like how much potential there is. Keep on trucking man, it gets easier soon.
Best of luck


I just switched to stick two weeks ago with Vip, so I feel your pain. I don’t use the short cut but a buddy of mine told me when first using Vip on stick just hold forward while inputting the s. H before the siesmo so you only have to do qcf-s.L which the game will register as a shori. I found that with the transition to stick it seems that there is more of a delay between the seimso and the s.j.cancel. So seismo, delay, s.j.cancel I.A.D. follow up


Anyone play her on a square gate? Anyone know what gate Marlinpie uses for her?

I’m like Viper retarded now. I can’t do anything with her still after a week of playing on stick. I simply cannot seismo well enough on a square gate.

I might upgrade the stock square gate to a JLF one but I don’t know if that will help or if I need to go to an octagon, which I don’t really know if I wanna do.


Something that helped me was spinning the stick either direction without touching the sides, Remember it’s all wrist and finger action. The stick doesn’t need to be pushed against the sides, as long as it clicks it’s fine.

But seriously upgrade the stick within the second month if you play regularly.


I don’t know if its the quality of the stock square gate or trying to play her on a square gate period being the problem.


If I don’t really jam the stick into the corner it won’t register the diagonal and I get something like forward, down, forward, which won’t input a Seismo in this game.