Got My First Stick Today & A Squeak Issue

I’m new to the forums here and started to practice Ultra Street Fighter 4 in preparation for SFV and I wanted to really invest and upgrade in a decent fightstick so I went for the Qanba Q4 RAF stick this is my first stick I’ve ever owned and I am very happy with it so far but just after 4 hours of playing with it I noticed that when I move the stick right it makes a slight faint squeak sounds when pulling back to its neutral position. Is this a faulty stick or is this normal to happen?

I found this blog from 2011 of someone who had the same problem I have and in time I will see if this works as well. Can anyone confirm if this blogger has the right idea about fixing this problem?

I am not comfortable with modding yet so I’d like to know if I would need to fix it with grease/lube etc or just return it? I got it from Amazon for £130. You’ll need headphones to hear the sound.

It’s not uncommon, it will likely stop with some wear.

Well I’ll try my best to keep playing with it for another week and hear out if anything improves. I have a month to return it so it’s not all bad. I honestly don’t feel comfortable opening it up and lubricating it as there’s so many different suggestions for lube and I have a gut reaction to buying those £20 ones that are made for these sticks. Now that I’ve noticed it I can’t stop hearing it when I play so I am hoping this changes soon haha really unfortunate for this to happen on the day I got it.

Easier said than done, but don’t focus on it. Just play whatever game you’re playing and ignore it.

For lube you want to use a “dry” silicone based grease, Molykote 44 or Shin-Etsu G-40M are the most recommended grease to use (they are basically the same thing from two different brand names).
A single $20/$25 tube will last a life time, there are venders who sell smaller, cheaper amounts of grease there someone who sells small$2.50 tubes like Paradise Arcade Shop.
You only need a tiny amount of grease, you less than a pea sized amount for the whole joystick.

Do not use any Petroleum base grease, Lithium grease (contains petroleum), Graphite dry lube, any food grade grease or food base grease theses can ruin your joystick.

Careful not all silicone grease is the same, even under the Shin Etsu/ Molykote branding
Shin-Etsu G-40M is used for joysticks, weather stripping and automobile break assemblies.
Shin-Etsu X23-7783D is used for thermal paste for CPU cooling and act as a adhesive locking up your joystick.

Here is a video from @SusanInParadise of Paradise Arcade demonstrating how to grease a joystick.

I had the same problem with both of my Hori sticks. It’s just one of the microswitches squeaking. I opened them up, tried adding the tiniest amount of lube, but that didn’t work. The sound eventually went away as I played more and more. Just do that.

Thank you for everyone who’s replied especially @Darksakul I appreciate the video link and explanation of different products. I’ll give it a week or so of playing to see if it stops squeaking and if not I’ll then buy some of this stuff and try fixing it myself.

I’m going to be shopping around hardware shops today and wondering what I can look for that can be similar to Shin-Etsu G-40M, will bike grease work? or any silicone high temperature grease?

I recorded a short video on what is happening (NEED HEADPHONES TO HEAR) Basically the faster or harder I push it right the squeak happens, light/slow movements create no sound.

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It sounds normal to me. You only getting that squeak noise when you hit those switch hard.
That not anything lubrication can fix.

Huh i tought you had a similar problem that i had with HRAPs just watch this and you’ll understand what i mean

You hear that thud when i press the up direction but i’m not hitting the switch? What that thud is basically something in the way of the stick’s actuator that gets easily pushed away with a normal push and lets the stick hit the switch sometimes it does that with other direction and other times it doesn’t happen with any it basically makes triggering that direction not as smooth as the others it doesn’t mess up my inputs or anything but you can definetly tell it’s there unless you’re playing when i’m playing i’m not really noticing because i’m too focused on the game I’ts a problem i also had with the HRAP 3 and HRAP 1 but it goes away with normal use if i remember correctly

The stick works perfectly, haven’t had any issues with input it’s just the squeak that came out of no where, on the main post I updated it with a link to a blog that explains how to unsqueak the sanwa sticks and one of them mentioned that maybe some lube or plastic residue is on one of the micro-switches causing the squeak so I may try that persons solution. I played with it for a hour or so today and it started squeaking louder as time went on. This is honestly just a personal problem for me, especially since spending over the hundred price for a controller I kind of expect no problems for at least the first 2 months to a year for some people.

I thought the thud was just a normal plastic hitting sound, unless you didn’t hear it, it’s the squeak I am posting comments about haha like I said this hasn’t affected the sticks performance in anyway just that little squeaky squeal noise just gives me big OCD problems XD I honestly do not want to return it because there’s nothing wrong with anything else, I just want this mouse in my stick to shut up for a while.

No no i mean the thud that you can hear BEFORE i hit the switch the thud after is completely normal but yeah i guess that’s not your issue

I notice the slower he goes the less pronounce is the Squeak, hence I was thinking it might be just the switch.
I was not speaking of the thud of the actuator hitting the gate.

It could also be the spring, but I doubt that is the case.

You can try to clean and lube the joystick and see if it changes anything.

So I finally opened it and had a look (good bye warranty) and it seems like the Square Gate is causing the squeaking? I reinstalled it a few times and first time it had quieter squeaks then got loud again so tried it again and it seems to be a bit more quieter, is there any way to tighten it more? Do I have to buy a new Square Gate? This is really weird. When I take it off there’s no squeaks at all. Really kind of annoyed now :confused: Don’t know if I can return this since Amazon might know how to check for the warranty sticker. Reinstalled it a few more times at different angles and I’ve reduced the noise it seems but don’t know if it will get louder later. I know buying a Square Gate won’t be that big of a deal but man! Spent a lot on this and it can’t just be perfect for at least a month lol :punch:

I’ll stick with the squeaking for a while until I get enough money to buy a new gate (money is short right now) I did check a website that sells a Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Gate and the Shin Etsu Silicone Grease together for £23 which isn’t too bad of a price. Well I guess since I found the source of the problem I might as well stop posting here so thank you everyone who’s commented here. I hope this discussion helped anyone else as well. Really appreciate the support and solutions I was given, I learnt a lot. Will see you around.

It’s not the gate, the gate doesn’t move and thus the gate can’t squeak.

Have you taken the joystick assembly apart, clean and lube the stick?

You Don’t need the Octagonal gate and its not recommended for beginners.

Well I can’t lube the stick right now because I don’t have any, I won’t clean it either because I need the lube intact until I can buy some. I took off the gate and the micro-switches and nothing was squeaking as soon as I put the micro-switches on they make no squeaking either (unless my ears became death from the loud clicking) as soon as I click in the gate and move it right (which is the direction it squeaks) after about 3 seconds of doing it I can hear the light squeaks. When I take it off, no squeaks. Something I read did say that the gate is either not installed correctly or you just need a new one so since I can’t clean it and relube it I might as well leave it alone and buy a new gate and the lube and see if that kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

I could record another video to show exactly what I’m hearing again. It is 2AM here so if you think that would help to see the problem I’ll have to do it in the morning. What a hassle, although! A quick remedy is headphones! The music and sounds of USF4 cuts off all sounds of the stick so there’s something I guess lol

If the joystick stop squeaking with out the gate, then its the switches. As the Gate is applying pressure on the switches.