Got my new TE STICK, my joystick sticks left and right :(

Ok so im all happy and shit for finally getting a TE stick after dealing with xbox pad then horiex2 on the pc. I was having some issues getting some combos off and I thought it was me messing up so i went to training and tested some things out.

Turns when i move the stick all the way to the left or right and let go my fighter keeps walking in the direction i pressed for like half a second (maybe a bit less but it is VERY noticeable)

I’ve never opened these things and I really dont want to to have to send it back and have to wait week+ to get it back for what seems like a minor issue and simple to fix. Has anyone had this problem and were you able to fix it? how? I’ll grow some balls and open the stick if that’s what it takes to fix it providing is not too difficult or risky. Thanks for the help, I’m a sad rufus for now :frowning:

where did you order it from?

Sounds like the switch malfunction. You think about changing the stick at all?

first of all, check your switch on the top… the one that says LS DP RS. make sure its in the middle on DP (directional pad) … if its on left stick, sometimes it will hold an input for a short time, which causes your fighter to keep walking

try that i always forget about that

THAT WAS IT! thanks mang! I didn’t even to think to check the panel since i never use that shit, i guess I must have pushed it by mistake. I guess sometimes it helps to RTFM hehe, thanks again brahh!

You totally said “brahh”. That’s so awesome.

These threads always makes me wonder because if I put my stick on “LS” it doesn’t do this.