Got my stick today

I’m modding a SE stick, got the stick it’self in today. It can’t be that difficult, it’s one wire. So where did I go wrong? It’s a Sanwa JF-TP-8YT-SK stick. Does it need drivers or something? Or did my actual stick not go bad, but the whole board?

What exactly IS the problem? You’ve swapped out the stock SE for the JLF, and now the directions aren’t working?

No, I was useing the SE stick, manufacture style, and the stick stopped working (buttons work fine, just the actual stick). I made a thread bitchin about it, and someone suggested I just mod it (Which I had not known I could do till I came to this forum.) So I did. Or I am trying to.

check the LS/RS/DP selector and make sure it’s set to DP.

Check the…what? v_v I’m VERY new to this. Where are these at to check?

So the new sawna JLF stick you installed isn’t working?

Other than the LS/RS/DP switch, the harness may be plugged in upside down.

in the control panel area of the stick

the top toggle switch labeled LS DP RS. should be set to DP

Oh ok. It is set to DP. And the thing is plugged in right side up. Just to clarify, however (Since people have been calling this an SE Stick, Idk that it truly is one, especially after seeing yours…), My stick is white with all the charas on the front of it. OTher than that it looks just like yours up on the top…

it doesnt really have to be set to DP, i mean my joystick works even when its on DP or LS

I’m going to assume you don’t have a multi-meter to test voltages on the stick and PCB. next thing to try is reversing the wiring harness.

flip that bit there over and test again.

>_> That worked! <3

lol soo he put the wiring harness upside down or something?

I tried it both ways already, so I am baffled. I aint complainin tho!

sometimes things just need smacked around. I’ve installed a wiring harness backwards before, but I always got a constant direction when I do that.

if it’s cutting in and out or just acting weird you may have a bad PCB or solder joint somewhere.

Working like a dream now. I can do a standing downward cannon spike with cammey like nothing. The difference is amazing.

Once my buttons come in, this ish is gonna get serious!

The picture posted is the Tournament Edition.
But that Turbo Panel is the same as yours, which is shown.

LS works because the Left Analog is supported.
But if you like lag, then keep using it.