Got my TE stick today ! But

Nope, my question is not how to hold the stick or “square vs. octagonal gate” questions (I can do 3-rekkas after 1 hour practice). The question is…what’s the pattern of your fingers on the buttons? Do you only use index, middle, and ring fingers for the 3 buttons (I’m playing HD Remix, so no 3xP or 3xK buttons needed) on the top row for punches, and shift your fingers down to second row when you perform the kicks? I reallize that it’s a bit harder to jump forward kick and link to standing fierce when I shift the fingers…There’s a time delay there that I can’t seem to push the buttons fast enough for the combo. Right now the most comfortable way for me is to rest 3 fingers on the top row with my thumb on the “X” button ready to link between fierce punch & kick, and then my index finger would go diagonal down from SQUARE to “O” and finally middle finger would shift from RETANGLE to “R2”. Is this way inefficient compares to other technique in the long run, even though I’m comfortable with it now?

Also last question, is the gum-ball suppose to rotate on top of the stick or should it be glued dead-on it?


The ball is screwed on. The whole shaft rotates.

I usually keep all fingers on either the kick or punch buttons. Just do whatever works best for you.

Oh and yeah, it’s supposed to rotate.

I keep my trigger through ring fingers on the top row and my thumb on the Lk. button just like you do. Doing that lets you hit 4 buttons without moving your hand or wrist at all. Whatever you are comfortable with is really how you should do things, changing how you use your hands just because it’s considered inefficient may mess your game up for a while. This isn’t like sports where you have to learn to throw the ball a specific way and that’s it.