Got the shortcut for gief's spd on pad down but


After the spd motion ,do i have too do it again for his ultra/critical art or can you tell me what motions to do after the spd.Here is the motion i used for a spd on my hori,


So you do a quarter circle then just press up+punch? Wow didn’t know this works. How consistent is it though?


Completely off topic but does this pad have two shoulder buttons on each side and are any of them triggers or are all just regular buttons?


Spd comes out everytime i use it


Yes it has two on each side,all are triggers.


Fuck my life, I hate these fucking analogue buttons.
This pad would be perfect without them :frowning:


And that motion is you facing right?


you can half circle up forward SPD
it has the same motion as the tiger knee and was done in street fighter ex 3


Turn on input display in training mode and see what you’re getting. Four inputs isn’t enough for SPD in most (all?) games. Chances are your inputs aren’t clean.


I’m pretty sure you need to do 8 consecutive different inputs. You can also do two 360s or a 360 followed by a 270. Also, there is already a numerical input system established, which may make your life easier (so you don’t have to photoshop numbers onto your pad)


In SF4 you can get an SPD with 4 inputs.
-F, D, B, X-U is required to hit an SPD whereas “X-U” means any up direction.

You are not required to hit the diagonals except for the last input.

I haven’t put enough research into SFV’s input shortcut system to say for certain if it is the same as SFIV, but I know that the Super/CA shortcut changed in SFV, so it’s not out of the question if something changed in regards to SPDs and CA SPDs.


Try doing a 360 and a half. It works for me but it has to be buffered during something. It would look something like, say, 6321478963214


What’s the Super/CA shortcut?