Got to play SSF4 at wondercon.. heres what I got from Fei

So I played maybe 4 or 5 rounds using Fei today. Of coarse, I was the only one using him there. I didn’t really care about the new chars, I just wanted to see what Fei was like now.
I felt Fei can be more aggressive than before. I don’t know if it’s because the people there mostly sucked/where experimenting with new characters. So I may have felt an overall shortening of recovery frames. His new ultra is nice. People used to doing wake up shit on Fei should eat this counter pretty easy. I DON’T KNOW if Fei’s counter ultra can counter someone ELSES ultra… Maybe that has been answered somewhere before. Me and some other player tried to set it up but couldn’t get it right.

HK.CW to cr.lp is still a one frame link I’m pretty sure… still felt real tight.
EX.CW might have more height or something because most of the time I did it, it would wind up going over the opponent occasionally crossing them up with it. Yes they where crouching, but it did it a lot more often than in regular SF4.

second thoughts:
I also felt that Fei’s recovery frames are shorter. I can’t specifically pinpoint on what moves, but I felt much safer doing rekkas/flame kicks/ cw’s. Maybe they removed a frame from each. I think I saw the flame kick hitbox extended a little further out, on that first start up frame. I didn’t notice any damage increase in any of these moves though.

His forward HK is as shit as it was before.

Ultras: I didn’t pick the original ultra even once. Wish I had the chance to test flame kick FADC ultra… and see if any juggle properties have changed.
The second Ultra does more damage than Ultra 1 I think… I can only guess this because no one would survive one. And as everyone is saying, landing the ultra was pretty random. I would do it when I was in close and we’re exchanging pokes, or on wakeup. Not once was I like, THIS IS A CHANCE FOR THE ULTRA. I’d just hope it landed and it usually did. Other times it didn’t. You are WAY MORE screwed if you don’t land this one than the other one. It’s active pretty much only right after you execute it, if no one hits you. You stand there for a good 3-4 seconds in a different stance in which you are open.

Super: I don’t know what was up with this, someone jumped in and I guess I supered, juggled them for 2 hits, passing them as I traveled forward. So they landed behind me[ they where KO’d though]. But usually I’ve seen I get that last fifth punch in during the juggle and they fly across the screen.

Jeez so my wish for more + frames on CW didn’t come true… :sad:

It doesn’t seem like they changed Fei much at all. I’m inclined to believe those “shorter” recovery frames may be just a trick of the eye or wishful thinking. Flame Kick’s hitbox has always been larger on the first hit too, so I dunno by how much you saw it extended compared to its original potential.

The Super thing may have been because it was sped up (?) as promised in one of the interviews, or may be because of the range at which you launched. Either way, I don’t think that anyone will be juggling with a Super for fun.

One thing I wanna know is his damage–did it change or is it the same? I would love if Fei’s damage output remained the same while everyone else is getting their moves nerfed.

Yah addition by subtraction for the rest of the cast, might help Fei out.

I felt 0 damage increase. And I know the first startup frame on flame kick has always been longer, but what I meant was that I thought I noticed it being even LONGER than before. As you said it coulda just been my mind hoping for improvements and making them up.

Sounds like Capcom figures the toning down of the top tiers auto buffs Fei.

The LEAST they could do is make his F + HK faster!!! That move is so useless!!! UGH screw Capcom!!!

God bless you Fei Long players.

I played a few rounds there myself and still had issues with doing a flame kicks right after dashing and getting a tenshin instead.

Is it currently a 1 frame link? Feels way more lenient than one frame.

Didn’t post here before but got a night in with the build that was present at CES a couple weeks back. Didn’t play the whole night as Fei but did play quite a bit once I ran through the new characters.

I only noticed two changes. One I can 100 % confirm, the other was more in the ‘feeling.’

His startup on his RH Chicken Wing has returned to what it was at launch of SF4 (Before the patch stopping his infinite on Abel/Seth stuff). That said, his infinite didn’t return. I spaced testing this but I’m pretty sure it will now work as a meterless alternative to his current close strong into ex. Chicken Wing on characters like Sagat/Gief/etc. Outside of that, I see no real game changing stuff with it.

The other thing which I can’t say for sure, but I’m willing to call it. It felt as though he had less recovery on his forward dash. Which, to me, is very helpful when applying pressure. He already had one of the quickest dashes, despite it being fairly short, but you’re left with this recovery that limits your use of his dash. I really hope I’m right in noticing this and I hope it doesn’t disappear before the game goes gold.

Also to chime in on his Ultra 2. I really think us theory fighters are sleeping on this ultra. I was hating on it the instant we found out armor breaks stop it. That is, until I tried it. Yes you can’t combo into it, yes it loses to armor breaks, and yes it’s essentially ‘random,’ but if you are able to set this up off of block strings, take notes of how your opponent is playing, have lightning fast reaction, or YOMI DAT SH SON, it’s way better to have around than his old ultra 1. I was able to do it to character’s standing and c. roundhouses, after they kicked. Startup is way fast and causes their moves to stay active for what feels like forever. All-in-all, I will be using it over ultra 1, because I feel my odds of landing the full version of this are ten-fold compared to ultra 1, and having that ultra meter flashing will hopefully make conscious players respect Fei’s options when he has it.

Dashes I tend to be ok doing, but still slip up from time to time and get tenshin. It’s just walking forward and going for flame kick that fks my world up. That strat against Dhalsim would be so helpful but yeah, thanks to shortcuts and the command inputs for those two moves, we’re screwed over pretty hard.

Faster, or make the second kick extend further than it currently does. Something. Oh well, I’ll still use it from time to time on Oki for kicks and grins. What I really wish they’d change, is his frames he’s left at on hit for his overhead. I’d be cool with a flat neutral 0 on hit. I’d be elated at like + 1 or +2. But this negative on HIT is whack as can be lol.

HK.CW to cr.lp is a 2-frame link

NICE :bgrin: I loved the original HK CW; I think this will make it a lot easier for Fei to get in on Fireballers from mid-long range without having to burn EX, though timing for the Flame Kick> FADC> CW link will need to be adjusted. I remember pre-patch jumping over fireballs was sooooo easy. Back then though, all I could think of doing was flame kick or throw lol. This improved speed will help with dodging/countering throws for tons more damage too.

As far as the dash, I think this will really help in the Blanka match-up, making his Ball punishments much easier. Fake outs should be possible now, and possibly dashing underneath jump-ins for an instant cross-up> reverse Rekka.

For Ultra 2, I’ve heard that it works well as an anti-aerial which was my theory on its use before the news broke. I think I’ll give this a go for jump-in defense (possibly cross-ups too) which Fei lacks most.

^^ I don’t think the counter ultra will be useful for crossups, but it’ll definitely be useful for people who get jump-happy

Laughs at Sagat’s j. MP ULTRA 2 OWNZ YOU!!!

Unless you mean they changed it in Super and you wish they’d change it back, it’s +1 on hit now. So you can actually combo after it on counter hit.

Oh wow, it is listed as 1 now. I always thought it was -1. I remember when the game came out we were out of shape over it. Stand corrected though, thanks.

So Fei is basically the same as he was in vanilla?

Some things I found so far:

  • Don’t know for sure, but i thought his Super did 400 in Vanilla, now it does 370


I wonder what the developer blog will say about Fei Long. “We discovered Fei Long was lacking so we decided not to change really anything. We changed Ken’s Ultra 1 to hit in combos and also decided to keep Fei Long’s Ultra 1 shitty cause he needed it.” Or the developers will probably say “Fei Long was pretty competitive in SF4 so we didn’t do much.”

I hope they tell us something and prove me wrong.