Gotcha-Games MVC2 fri night madness 1-24-03


ok people this past fri 1-24-03 gotcha games had its first tourny of the new yr an it was a good one turn out was decent about 13 peeps showed right now i only have the top three

1st josh wigfall
2nd erik "smoothviper"
3rd sean “evilstorm”

tourny was a lil different then normal between 7-9 who ever got eliminated could re-enter for $2.00 n erik made good use of it after he got beasted on in the winners bracket by the evil one aka sean evil storm an thrown into the losers brackets des knocked him out but rik bought his way back in an fought or should i say ran his way to second place :lol: ill have full results tomorrow on apex


tourney was madddd fun…erik beasted on me:( Well fred lo0ks like u got wut u wanted…sean first round:lol: :lol: That must suck…


omar did.


Hummmm I thought that this tournament would have at least 21 people+ playing in the tournament.

But I guess nobody like Jason so no one cares that he left.:lol:


fuq u allen…muhahahahahha
wut u place liston?


Pretty much. And on top of that, he was a little tipsy… shame shame…


sean did come in third it came down to sean an josh josh won then omar was supposed to go against sean in the lossers but didnt have any money left to play so he took him self out sean an erik went at it an erik won then josh an erik went at it an josh won so like i said josh took first erik took sec an sean took third


shudup man…dam nex tourney imma stay sober…naww fuck it:lol:


next tourny im gonna have a bag for sean so when it comes down to the finals tell the nigga to go blaze :::puff puff beast :::