"GOTCHA" The Jax Thread



I’ve searched all over the place, so apologies if this thread is already up…If not, why the hell not? Jax is a bad ass. The patriotism of Captain America, and a Guile air grab.

I’ve also searched all over youtube and played a couple matches online, and I see no Jax players. What’s up with that?

I made a combo video, because I honestly can’t find any on this guy(aside from the all character compilation ones).


Quality is awful, but you’re not going to watch it for the video or editing quality.

I’d honestly like to see more strategy, discussion, and combo evaluation on this guy. I’ve found that Dash Punch is fairly safe on block(though you can duck it), and whiffing Gotcha Grab has pretty fast recovery(making it an easy way to build small amounts of meter). His projectile is probably one of the worst ones to combo into, however. It’s has more damaging alternatives special move wise, and the EX version doesn’t combo with the same timing as the regular.

EDIIT: Also, his air grab has pretty crazy range and priority. I was able to grab Kitana out of that air dash move she has.


Jax is a sleeping giant TBH I wrote about this in the general discussion thread. His dash punch is ridiculous. He controls the whole screen with ground pound and a very quick projectile. He has nice mixups with a command grab when he gets in… the dude has a lot of tools.


His command grab(you’re talking about Gotcha Grab, right?) can be blocked, however the recovery is very fast. I wouldn’t say his Gotcha Grab is what really makes him stand out, though. I think his staple move that everyone will be going to is the Dash Punch. It can even be used as an anti-air and be followed up if in the corner.

I think his most dangerous aspect by far is his X-Ray. Just because you can’t combo into it or after it has me thinking people are sleeping on it. It has super armor on start up, and does a flat 41%. It makes his close range game very dangerous, and with like you said of the ground pounds, he can make you very wary of staying in one spot.

Ground Pound is also an insane move to use on opponents waking up if done meaty. Either they get hit by it, or you recover in time to be safe.


Jax is a really hard one to break open, I just can’t seem to find much that combo’s with him mid-screen lol


I hope people figure out some stuff with Jax. He’s always been my favorite MK character. He seems like garbage so far to me in this game. He’d be MUCH better if you could cancel combos into ground pound. Hopefully he gets better with balancing patches.


The problem I find with jax is he is too slow on his ground pound. If he does it, there is a good chance scorp or any other teleport can easily punish that. The fact that you need aim it too make its even worse. Whereas with Scorp, I can just burn someone and there is a likely chance it will hit.

Only good thing I can say about jax is he has one of the highest damages in the game. Not in a sense of combos, but the guy doesn’t need to do all that much to deal 20 damage.


Jax is a sort of outside-the-box character as far as this game is concerned. He doesn’t have the same long combos most other characters do, but the short ones he does have would do about the same damage. I’d say it’s because of the fact that he can do more damage on less work that some of his stuff is unsafe and he has fewer options than faster, less damaging characters. It’s a risk/reward sort of situation.

He’s still one of my mains regardless. Total badass in this game.


I dunno, he eats rushdown too much, and you can crouch to make his wave punch whiff. This game does not reward defensive play that much besides some easy punishes on block, so why NR decided to make Jax so heavily zoning based is beyond me.

If they were to give him one buff, I would ask for the ability to cancel the start up frames of his ground pound. It comes out slow, so it can be jumped away from quite easily. Faking one can force the opponent to eat a reversal after blocking their jump-in. Think of C. Viper from SF4, only more brolic.

The biggest mid-screen combo I’ve found that doesn’t use meter is:

Neutral J. 1, dash, 1 (x4), dash, 1, 2, Gotcha Grab = 10 hits - 31%


Best xray in the game in my opinion. You only have to deal 60% damage to win a match with this guy because his xray is so nice. Invincibility +Grab +41%= win.


I’m having difficulty landing AA Gotcha after f+BP, BP, b+FP. Any tips on the timing?


I actually think Jax benefits more so than others with his “EX” moves; especially ground pound, as it negates the need to aim it, and tosses them higher in the air(giving you more time for positioning). Also, do keep in mind that Ground Pound is unblockable, so it’s great for mixup situations when you land a knock down.

I feel that it’ll be more beneficial using more EX moves than X-Ray with Jax, unfortunately, but I could be wrong on that.

And NoOneYouKnow, the timing is a bit tricky. Wait until a little after the uppercut before inputting the motion.



This probably isn’t his most damaging corner combo, but it’s awesome in the fact that you get to scream out “BIONIC ARM” everytime you do it.


Glad they gave people their own sub-forum. This’ll be a godsend for my Jax game.

I look forward to any changes they make in future patches. I like the idea CSword123 mentioned about giving him the ability to cancel his Ground Pound. I’d also wish he had a command grab to aid his mixup game. I mean an ACTUAL grab…the unblockable kind.


you have to do the air gotcha input before the upercut lands on the B+fp


don´t forget that EX ground pund is dash cancelable(and comboable onto itself for lolz)


Jax is a straight BEAST. His mixup game is absurd.


I haven’t been able to play much online or with others yet, but I completely love the bit of Jax I’ve played. I love the powerhouse kind of characters, and Jax is definitely one I love. That X-ray is great, especially since I’m a T. Hawk player in SSF4.


As always, you gotta find the right way to play him.


First off, lemme say that I am LOVING MK9 aside from the atrocious netcode (don’t derail here…)!

When I got the game I kinda had an idea of who I might play even before I tried anyone, based on past MK games and frankly just a love for some characters since I was younger and used to play. Oddly enough, Jax has NEVER been on that list.

So what is it that makes me want to main him now? I want something different, mixups, lockdown, and a change of pace. I haven’t seen very many of the ‘top’ players (so far within the first 2 weeks the game has been out) using Jax, so I figure either he’s not that great, or he’s just not easy to crack open as someone mentioned earlier.

I absolutely love his moveset, aside from the ground pound startup, but I really think that he can work a lot like Abel from SF4 in the mixup department. Once you let him on, he’s on, and unless you shake him, you’re toast.

I like his damage potential. From playing so far it seems that his Dash Punch (d,f+2) is outrageous in both closing distance as well as punishing a good variety of blocked specials. Works great as a corner push tool as well.

Speaking of corner push tools, I think that it’s important to note that the debate between ‘Should I X-Ray or use Enhanced Specials’ is not a definitive line for Jax that I see. Sure, his X-Ray is AMAZING… does flat damage, has armor, and is unblockable. Combine this with his mixup potential and the guy can be scary. BUT, I noticed that his enhanced Air Gotcha Grab (d,b+1+Blk) well send them flying full screen -behind- Jax. Think of it as a way to put people in the corner. Also, his normal grab is great, b/c while the multi hit progression is flashy to see, and the extra damage is nice, it’s a nifty tool to land people on either side of you, within range for a ground pound setup, etc.

This guy has TONS of potential, and all it requires is some patience, and a willingness to take a risk… The damage is definitely there!

Curious to see some gameplay videos for Jax as I haven’t seen much so far.


Thought about something else as far as the grab is concerned. Was listening to Tom Brady on the WUSRK podcast this morning and he talked about teching grabs. He mentioned that generally, your opponent is going to want to throw you towards the corner and how that gives you an indication on which way to break… With Jax though, you can alternate between a forward and neutral grab and just vary the number of extra inputs that you use to STILL land them in the corner, but keep the guessing game going with ‘how the hell do I tech his throw…?’

Someone tell me if that was just stupidity lol.