GotG Dallas Free Bi-Weekly Tournament Results 7/26/2007

GotG Dallas Free Bi-Weekly Tournament Results 7/26/2007

Guilty Gear ^Core:

    • Harold

Marvel vs Capcom 2:

    • Harold
    • Matt

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

    • Harold

GGXX^Core Team Tournament

See you all same time August 9th!

cool. you linked them all to their profiles!

Shows who does what here at SRK.

Yeah… Campbell-BUK-Tran drained the effort to even try out of everyone.

Nice to see you’re alive Laugh.

Well same ol same for me. Took some time off from fighters to play Halo and Gears of War semi-competetively. Now I want to play Marvel and Guilty Gear again. It’s good to hear you’re doing well too. I wasn’t sure whether you had plans to come back to Dallas or not.

Also, I try to stay quiet when talking about anything that has to do with my gaming/competetive choices. Everytime I say something about any tournament or casual gathering the players in Dallas start looking out for flying pigs. lol

Man no KOFXI???

lol I still havn’t played that yet.

If people want to play it… we can thow down on it. :cool:

wouldn’t mind playing XI or cvs2.

never gonna happen…and im not even tryin to be pessimistic. Just honest.

If casual city dont play the game casualy, we fa sho wont play it in tourneys…

OJ! where ya been at man? We were playing a whole lot of cvs2 casuals last night. Shoulda been there.

OJ dont worry about it…just make it to EVO and I’ve got plenty folks to give you your KOFXI fix my friend…