goth samurai?


awww shiett


it has a really nice flow to it…nice folds and flying hair.

even if i do doubt his masculinity. :stuck_out_tongue:


thats pimptastic.


Good to see some more of your work.

Very styley.


Why are you always hiding your faces? What are those limbs coming out from his body, legs? Pretty good for a brother that go hard and an fob.


lookin good, man. i like the red lace on the end of his coat. slick design


spose to be a girl, but I guess girls can’t be samurais now can’t they?

JOllllllllllllyy good.
I wasn’t hiding the face Sfmc, it was just appropriate for that pose .


Nice, very nice! The hair looks tight, and the sword looks ok…



i know otherwise, he can’t draw them…:stuck_out_tongue:
right, phong?:slight_smile: