Gotta love Vega!



But God, can he piss you off so much when he doesn’t do what you want him to do.

And those corners…God, the corners…

Still, if anything is encouraging, it’s knowing that even some the top players of Vega like Jozhear and Zeus still get their asses handed to them not due to their own skill but because of simple, purposeful design flaws in the character on part of the developers because Vega’s just that badass. Those two players make playing Vega look like poetry and it’s a beautiful thing to watch, it really is.

Vega’s a highly technical character, I get that. Its why many players don’t go near him. That’s why its all the more satisfying to watch a Ryu, Akuma, Oni, Cammy, El Fuerte, Juni or Yun obliterated because you have to work that much harder to beat them if you’re playing an opponent who’s even half-decent. And I like Vega’s technical nature: it’s just that his actual moveset and counters and defenses are near zil when it comes to characters like the above. Lag (actual or suspicious), the controller not responding the way you want it to because of the design of Vega’s combinations for his moves and the fact that certain situations are near-impossible or ARE impossible to get out of like being floored or cornered by most characters all serve to most players off ever seriously playing the character.

And if you’re new like I am to SSFIVAE, it can be even more frustrating when some little shite uses a character like Dan, keeps going “oh gawd, oh gawd, you’ve got a high BP (like it matters…), let’s see how this works, yep he got me…” and then “Yes, I got you!”, beating you by spamming special moves or cheap combos when you’re in the “fighting by instinct” learning stage, it can be so godamm irritating when you should have floored the little shite. I know, I know, you gotta keep persevering and all that and that’s what I do – writing this after having just beat a B-rank Chun-Li and me being a C-rank Vega at the moment – but knowing that there is an actual ceiling for Vega against other characters that even the best of best will always hit at tournament-level just tells its nothing to do with skill but that it really is to do with the design of the character and their moveset.

By the way, that example of the little shite above? Yeah, that happened to me. Bad times.

I’m sure there’s something else I’m missing about Vega. I’m sure I’m making a lot of mistakes and I know I need to up my game and that I will be making poetry sooner than I think – I’ve already had a few moments (had a German player using El Fuerte saying “get the fuck back here – fuck you!” when I beat him by just dodging his cheap body slams and dashes – so satisfying to beat the fucker) . I’m also sure there’s only so much the character’s capable of against the rest. And all because Vega’s just too badass NOT to be deliberately weakened. I don’t blame Capcom: people like to play Ryu and Ken and your average player will not continue with Street Fighter if they can’t win with cheap hits and combos so its a good business decision long-term. It really does take that much more skill to play with Vega.

Vega. You gotta love 'im.

P.S. Any advice or tips on the character or just war stories with Vega you have to tell are very welcome.


really love your enthusiams, but here comes the truth:

First of all vega is not a very technical character. It is debeatable what technical means, execution or understanding the meta game. If it is the second, then vega is a very basic character with his superiour footsies. But then, Ryu is also very technical, hell everyone without a divekick is.
But execution-wise he is not technical. You can get quite good with him with medicore execution. The hardest part to learn about him is to know when to NOT press buttons.

Second, Vegas debatable design limitations will be no concern for you, not for a long time and probably never.
Everytime from now until …, if you lose it will be your fault only for not using a tool he already has and not a design flaw with no right anwser for you in that situation.

Lastly my advice: As long as you ask yourself what did you do wrong after a loss and not resign because you couldn’t win with vega anyway du to his limitations, you will get better.
And as long as you get better you will have fun.

PS: the use of the word “shite” implies you live in Europe, if you are on gfwl hit me up and we play some matches.


If Vega is not technical, I don’t think any other character is.
The only thing that is a relief about his playstyle is there is no room for FADC combos. But other than that, if every combo demands a 2 and 1 frame links, I don’t see someone with a mediocre execution getting any where good with him.


In my opinion, everyone with mediocre execution can learn Vega’s links with some practice. It’s just a matter of getting the timing down which is not difficult as not much of dexterity is required.

The hardest stuff I can think of are the FADC combos and dash ultras but those are not exactly part of his core gameplay.


Matter of opinion. Multiple unplinkable one frame links and using finesse basics are objectively difficult. Are they the most difficult? Perhaps not.

Some people say pianoing is difficult, fierce feint strong/fierce feint fierce. None of those gave me real problems.


Yeah I guess. Anyway, Vega’s one frame links in his basic c.lp (xN), combo all have the same timing so it’s just a matter of learning the rhythm. Of course the more hits you have the higher the possibility to drop the combo.

I still can’t piano consistently and I’m very bad at stuff like Viper feints and I find other 1-frame link combos like Sakura’s a lot more difficult than Vega’s. Maybe it depends on the person what kind of inputs they find difficult but I’d still rank Vega on the lower end of the spectrum of characters based on execution requirements.


Like Prof said, it is a matter of opinion. Pianoing and Viper and İbuki’s ultras immediately after a super jump are the hardest for me while fadcing is really fun. And Vega’s links stand right below in second on that list for me for the hardest things.

I think because we play Vega, and get accustomed to his links, we forget how hard they actually are. While I, a never-playing-command-chars-person have finished Seth’s, Rose’s, Guy’s and many other command chars’ fadc heavy trials in an hour, I had to work for weeks to connect 4xlp-mp-exfba. Trial 23 was also a nightmare. But now all of them seem really easy cause it has been 5 years.

An objective opinion will mostly reflect the truth. For example, during that Canada Cup where Jozhear nearly OCVed, when he pulled, the crowd and both of the speakers went OMG. But that never happened when some Honda did hundred hands or some Sakura pulled her one frames.

Like I said, we have just got accustomed to his hardship. But the hardship is still there, we just don’t see it anymore cause we no longer feel it. Vega is really on the top side of that execution requirements.


and then you go and play online and get pissed off at how you keep dropping shit you KNOW for a fact you can land consistently. the cLP buff to +5 request is primarily because of that. not that i cant hit the link… but so I can play online


How does lag change your timing between to lp button presses? Online makes it harder to hit confirm, but cr lp cr lp cr mp ist the same in any situation if you execute it regardfles of block or hit…

Cl HP or EX rcf on the other hand…


because online lag slows down the pace of the game… thereby changing the timing of your button presses. Otherwise you’ll commonly either get no input or whatever you were attempting will get blocked. This is because in SF4 the netcode is designed to keep the visual as close to real time as possible. under lag, inputs suffer

This is something that SFxT on the other hand, addressed. in SFxT on all but the worst connections you can keep the spacing between button presses the same and the combo will come out. This is the opposite from SF4 netcode. Here the netcode keeps the inputs as close to real time as possible and under lag, visuals suffer


I also wanted the same buff you wanted; that +5 to cr.lp thing. Yeah, online play is among the reasons, but so is offline play. I mean, in a tournament, we don’t see a Vega player, let it be Tatsu, Reiketsu, Makoto, or who else, dash forward and pull The reason is that one frame link. Everyone has the chance to drop that and they dont take that risk. And I just keep imagining how nice it would be to have that offense.


Hahah. Seriously, it’s not that difficult.


It’s even easier to not give a fuck what you think. <3

People on capcom unity are whining because they have that ONE combo with that ONE plinkable link. We’ve got to hit a non plinkable link 2-x times to hitconfirm from a jab. With no lows.

No shame in asking for 2frame there imo. If it doesn’t happen? Whatever. You’re not the only one who can do it. Just because it’s rythmic, though, doesn’t suddenly mean it’s not an objectively measurable difficult link we need to hit all the time.


Hey I’m not against making the link easier. I was mainly trying to call bs on the claim that pro players don’t use the combo because it’s so haaaard.


Fair enough I guess?


What are you laughing at, mate? Did I say “it is too difficult”? I said it is not a reliable offense because of how easy one can miss one of the links. I’m saying they don’t use it because of this. They cant put a dash forward jab-jab pressure because the link is not reliable not too hard like you claim that I’ve claimed. Arrogant thing.


Well isn’t it difficult if you can’t achieve high enough success rate? Not quite sure how you differentiate difficulty and reliability in this case…




Dan is not a shit character. Drop that assumption immediately. In the right hands Dan is Vega kryptonite (is that how you spell it?)

An experienced Dan is capable of being a Vega-slaughtering machine, similar to how an experienced Vega can bully even the best Goukens, Hakans and Fei-Longs.

Don’t pay attention to canon, story-wise versions of how powerful characters are supposed to be, otherwise Bison would obliterate anyone he went againt. Anyone. Easily.


I’m pretty sure the reason is because Vega’s forward dash is too slow for that kind of manuever. Like, seriously, who would get caught by dash in, cr.jab by Vega?