Gouken A-Tier????

Infiltration thinks gouken is A-tier…I really dont know what to think about this. On one hand I’m kinda happy to hear it. On another hand I really don’t believe this to be true. While I know gouken’s tools pretty well and a lot of what he has makes him potentially such an amazing character, I can’t rate him that high on a tier list. Maybe mid B-tier. But high A-tier??? Nah I dont think so.
I love the old man and he’s my main to stay but I think Infiltrations tier list gives him waaaaaay too much credit. Thoughts?

He’s on some major drugs thats all I can say. Gouken has way too many bad matchups to be that high. Heck well be lucky to make B tier in AE 2012.

Id like for him to use gouken in tournys more and show us why the fuck he thinks gouken is A tier. because at canada cup he beat bonchan who didn’t know the matchup and Tokido destroyed him. Perhaps hes delusional I don’t know lol.

maybe is the way he plays him??? go to his blog and watch some videos he has in it…

Don’t get me wrong he is good with his Gouken. However, if Gouken really is good, or if he really is delusional, he wouldn’t be intentionally keeping it Secret until top 16. He would be using Gouken the whole way through. Gouken is not good enough without the surprise element. He knows it, he used that to his advantage, that was it.

He only used Gouken against someone who have obviously no idea how to fight one, and one he obviously don’t have the upper hand with Akuma. Nothing special here. He is just not being truthful.

He has no idea what he’s talking about. What matches are in goukens favor that would make him A tier?

Nah. I’m pretty sure the gouken matchup is well known by now. Its not an excuse. That being said I’m pretty sure gouken vs. sagat is a very fair matchup. So that was an even playing field. However the old man is not A-tier. Maybe in 2012 he can be B-tier but definitely not A tier. is tools simply do not allow it.
My personal list of those gouken has an even or good matchup against include: Ryu, Ken, Guile, Sagat, Makoto, Deejay, Dudley(Using Gouken’s normals is key in this matchup), Honda, Dan, T.Hawk, Cody, Viper, Rufus, Dhalsim, E.Ryu, Guy, Juri, sakura and MAYBE Seth.
This doesn’t warrant Toppa Tier Gouken lol. Ah well maybe Infiltration sees more potential in gouken than we do. More power to him.

Gouken is by far NOT a common character to see EVER lol. SO bonchan not knowing the matchup would make sense because im sure he prob never fights gouken and was taken by surprise. and the sagat matchup is not one gouken really has a hard time with if not an even one like you listed.

Im just sitting waiting on this final change list. Come on capcom im ready!!

A big NO @ Sakura, Makoto, and DJ.
They are definitely not even matchups for Gouken. But everything else I agree with.

I’d like to add .vs Guy to your list; i think it’s in Guy’s favour.
The rest, well, it can be hard, but i’d say thats just the player behind the character.

Bonchan did not know the matchup, just watch the video, it’s pretty damn obvious, from using the wrong Ultra, to not Angry scarring to AA demon flips, to not using st.hk to combat flips…

As for your even or advantage Gouken in terms of matchups, I’m going to have to disagree with some of those.

Turtle Guile, Sagat, Deejay, Viper, Guy and Sakura are all in favor of them imo. Rest of the stuff is debatable.

No Mak?

Mak has a hard time getting in and one ex tatsu or counter sends her right back out. Conversely it’s hard to get her off you.

Dunno. I think it’s fair.

I think Gouken is A Tier at being da sux o_O

Hmmmmm its good to know you guys also think Guy has an advantage over gouken. Ive allways felt that match was in his favor. At worst its a 6-4 IMO Its not too bad and gouken can win it with hard work but its certainly in Guys favor due to guys tools.

11/30/11 - Final change log release date

I think he is not A tier, but I also believe he’s underrated… Infiltration’s tier list may be biased, but he shows that Gouken can be played on a solid level… and he makes the old man looking good. I am happy a pro finally gives him some credit and maybe this develops into more…

So who cares…

hmm…well fuck a turtle Guile. He wants to turtle then I can turtle too. Throw those SB all you want I still dont have to charge and he has to either focus or neutral jump eventually. Deejay I can agree with because he has his anti FB game going well plus jumping in on a down charging Deejay has to be one of the dumbest mistakes a player can make(spoken from a deejay player). Viper…kinda shuts down our FB but I think knockdowns work in our favor. And the ever wonderful Kongo for those BurnKicks that you KNOW will come keeps her stuck to staying grounded. Along with the fact that we have safe jumps against her makes that matchup a bit more than doable. now Guy…maybe I simply do not fear him(lol). Sakura…why dont we Kongo her blockstrings again? I’m not saying mash it but a lot of the time you know a normal is coming and kongo is one frame(right???). I’m just sayin.
Ohh AE2012 I cant wait for the. Far st.mp combos will definitely be a welcomed addition. Now if only they would give EX tasu a bigger downward hitbox -_-

I wish I could LIKE this a million times.

Gouken is mid tier at best.

Re: Sakura, you can kongo an obvious tatsu loop but the problem is, just like you say you know a normal is coming after the lk tatsu, they too will know that you can kongo it (and if they didn’t the first time they know for the second time). All it takes is a slight delay after the blocked lk tatsu to bait your counter and then get eaten for her max combos. Sakura is another Makoto type matchup, you spend all game keeping her out and if she gets in… It’s tough. If kongo was the answer to everything then we’d be golden, but it requires an attack to get it to work and it can’t be FADCed. It’s like throwing out an Oni srk.

Re: Guile, he can keep up with you the majority of the game and he has EX boom. You don’t have a two hit fireball. Sooner or later… It’s a really tough matchup imo.

Viper - maybe I just play her wrong, you can get a lot of shit going but she can get way more going on you then you can on her imo.

I hate Viper. That bitch can literally spam specials the entire match.

What kind of bull shit is that???