Gouken (AE) being cornered - what's the best thing to do?

Being cornered by your opponent as Gouken is very rough and these are the options I could think of:-
[]Block + Tech (defensive and usually the safest option)
]Jump Air Tatsu/ EX Air Tatsu (not bad but not if the opponent has good Normals Anti-air)
[]EX Tatsu (brilliant if they attack as it’s invincible but 7 frames startup and if blocked or whiff on a crouching opponent :frowning: … )
]EX Tatsu + FADC (like above, with a bit of insurance but expensive usage of EX bars )
[]Jump Dive Kick (haven’t tried this but sound legit…)
]EX Demon Flip -> Slide (invincible but slow with startup plus still close to opponent)
[]U1 (brilliant if they attack but punished if blocked)
]Super (like U1)
Any ideas my fellow Goukens?

Seriously, in the corner you have three options really that won’t lead to you getting mauled.

EX air tatsu away, you need to have space for this one though and you can’t do it against someone who can do something and then combo into Ultra. In the same vain you can HK flip out and use parry to get away. I wouldn’t recommend this one though, but it is situational and useful at times.

Your only real option is to use EX flip. The reasons being it will outlast almost EVERYTHING that can be done such as EX shoryu, the only thing I can think of is Cammy shoryu will outlast your invuln, you need to parry at the top. Secondly you will either land on top of them for a dive kick or you will overshoot them and you will get jabbed on your way down. Taking a crouching jabs worth of damage to get out of the corner works for me.

HK demon flip parry works decently. as long they dont hit you as you’re going up, and its pretty hard to punish.

It’s fast and will deal with people jumping back hp like balrog or honda

As a bonus you can EX tatsu when you land to punish the jump back attack.

Do the one thing I don’t see enough Goukens doing. Air to air J.MP xx heavy air tatsu, or j.mp then heavy gouken flip out of there when they’re on the ground. Tech if he wants to grab, parry if he likes jump in attacks. Or simply walk forward, cr.mp xx heavy gouken flip > air parry. It recovers with basically the same speed as vanilla GF whiff throw used to.

Saying that, air to air NJ.HP is also brilliant for a nice knockdown.

Add J.HK too!