Gouken Appreciation Thread, Go ahead and show the love!

Since we have a frustration thread I thought Id make an appreciation thread expressing all the good things and small little things you like about gouken and the reason you play him.

Let it out and lets be positive only. Negativity is more then welcome in the Frustration thread.

He may have a hard time winning but hes by far my favorite character in the SF4 series.

Shout outs to EX tastu your godlike.

Shout outs to sweep

Shout outs to Standing mp. One of our best buffs.

Shout out to the many things comming in AE 2012 and possibly more if they release another blog of changes.

For as long as I play street fighter 4 I will rep the old man.

and his high damage game

I do not foresee this thread getting even close in size to the frustration thread :slight_smile:

It wont lol. The negative out weight the positive. But you never know… Perhaps 2012 gouken will put a bigger smile on our faces.

shout outs to being old and bald and showing those youngsters what’s up.
or at least trying to.

shout outs to flip kick shutting almost EVERYTHING (90%-85%) down in this game from ultra 1’s to ex’s to SR mutha fuckin K’s, shoutouts to untechable knockdowns , shoutouts to jab reset to backthrow>ultra , shoutouts to flip throw pressure on giefs wakeup…YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

And a special shoutout to that j.rh you continue to amaze me as the days go on !!!

What do we call it Fuax safe jumping lolol. Shout outs to far standing mp being special cancel now. Can’t wait. I dont use Jumping roundhouse much and I should! I love jumping mp though!

You know those Ken and Ryu players that think pressing MK as sonn as they jump, and whenever they jump, is the ultimate in offense and defense? Well j.HK those little pricks to the ground feels pretty damn good.

Shout out to 1 Corner Reset Combo = Night Night.

Shout out to the taunts 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8:
“Come on then!”
“Trust your instincts!”
“Don’t hold back!”
“Is that all you have?”
“Watch & Learn!”

Shout out to feeling good when correctly guessing a non Ex Parry.

Shout Out to EX Tatsu… always keeping at least 1 BAR for it!!!

Shout out to Mp fireball that beats Makoto U2, can’t resist to taunt;
Shout out to flip parry backthrow …

Shout out to Cr. Roundhouse!!!

I’ve been playing alot of mirrors lately in Endless with friends,
I find fighting Gouken alot harder than Ryu, Ken, and others.

Probably because the quality of Goukens is better overall.

(in the corner) ex kongo + fadc + palm + Ultra 2 = awesomesauce

I like Gouken

We should be able to do this mid screen come AE 2012 hehehehe

Wow. I’ve been playing ranked recently, and three times yesterday I lost the first 2 rounds of a 5 round match, was whittled down to a jab’s worth of health, and came back to to win three in a row to get the victory.

I’m actually getting complimentary messages instead of the usual hate mail. Playing the Old Guy is fun.

Mp.Gado really shines a spotlight on the scrub Giefs and Hawks, they will walk into the damn thing 5 times in a row before realizing that an angled projectile doesn’t mean walk in and SPD.

I must say that I appreciate everything Gouken has and don’t have. It looks like he doesn’t have all the tools but for a master any kind of vulnerability can be his greatest Strength. I have a blast playing as the old man, its never a dull moment especially when they underestimate you. The Greatest Comment That Was Sent To Me Was “GOUKEN IS BROKEN” and that always puts a smile on my face. Stand Your Ground, Patients Is Key, Believe in your normals and Gouken Shall Smite Thee!!! Lol!!!

I really love the Kongoshin!!! I have countered Guile’s Sonic Hurricane and ex canceled to the Shin Sho. Where’s the Geritol cause the old man will have to show these Whippersnappers how its Done. Grand Master Gouken is on the prowl!!! Lol

Shoutouts to the old G, I love him so much. Had some games vs poongko today and despite losing 9-1 or something vs him it was just tons of fun and I didn’t feel truly free against him. Had great fun when he decided to pick Gouken vs me for some mirror matching and he couldn’t beat me so I took some joy from that^^

(then went back to Seth and continued to beat me up XD)