Gouken Arcade/DLC Changes SSF4 update thread

Ok… some of the supposed changes have leaked, but they aren’t etched in stone just yet (especially guile not getting any super meter for throwing sonic booms… something tells me that isn’t going to fly, maybe they’ll just change it where he earns little super meter for doing it).

Anyway… What do you guys think about the changes? Judging from what I’ve read, a lot of the current changes are in Gouken’s favor, but as always there isn’t jack shit about Gouken just yet.

If you got anything, post it, tag it, and spill it.

If you need a reference point for the changes check below.

- [Shoryuken - Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade - Location Test Character and Change Confirmations](http://www.shoryuken.com/content/super-street-fighter-4-arcade-location-test-character-change-confirmations-1729/)
- [Updated: Yang, Yun in SSF4 arcade, list of changes : News : EventHubs.com](http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2010/sep/10/rumor-ingrid-super-street-fighter-4-arcade/)

Removing Seth’s j.fp and Cammy’s ability to tiger-knee cannon strike WILL not fly and if they do man… people will be pissed hopefully Gouken doesnt get trashed like that.

The difference is that Seth and Cammy are fairly high up in tiers as where Gouken is not. I don’t think they’ll nerf him any more than he is, if anything he’ll get some buffs.

Desora might be able to run it back with sako and take a few w’s.

I don’t mind a lot of the changes ppl are talking about, I especially love that Gief’s greenhand apparently doesn’t knock down, so he can’t rape you with his okizeme bullshit anymore.

Assuming Gouken stays the same, the bison and cammy match up just turned 5-5. Depending on how far blanka ball recovery is i can see tatsu fadc ultra as a good punisher and no more standing up to punish with palm.

I think Gouken is due for a buff this version as I don’t see anything else they could nerf on him. Maybe longer recovery on fireballs knock on wood

I’d be happy if he stayed exactly the same minus changing the motion for low kongo.

I’m hearing gouken’s lp senkugoshoha has no forward motion, but comes out faster. Also his kongo is mapped only to punch buttons and not kick buttons. Hope this is true.

Amen to the kongo for all punch buttons. If the changes to palm don’t buff wake up, combo-ing, and close combat then they should just leave it the hell alone.

Update on the front page. I’m liking the changes already. I predict more trade tatsu > Ultra in everyone’s future :rock:

As for the lp palm not moving anymore, I wonder if they’re changing the distances for mp and hp palm to even things out. I use fb to safe palm setups pretty religiously.

Those are freak’n huge change!

For senkugoshoha. That sound like it will make close range corner pressure easier, but mid screen fireball -> senkugoshoha on wake up harder. Doesn’t really matter. GF do better pressure mid screen mostly anyway.

Kongo mapped to punch does means no more cross up EX GF / EX Kongo option select. I uses it when I have no clue which side to block. Does anyone else do this? I know it is big risk and low reward but sometime it catches people off guard.

Same here, I’ve always only used lp for safe palms. I don’t know if their will be changes to mp palm or I’ll have to get used to hanging back farther to get a safe palm out with mp. either way I’m excited to see how he plays now, with what is practically a new move.

If lp palm comes out faster now, I wonder if you can combo into it from jabs?

I wonder if it’s cancelable into another palm, maybe in a corner?

It’s hopefully just fast enough to combo after anything that normal palm wouldn’t. I guess jabs. That would be sick. KD off a jab with the old man

If you can hit confirm lp palm from jabs let me be the first to jump onto the gouken is high tier bandwagon.

The counter being linked to punch only is a nice buff. No more worries of accidentally getting a hurricane kick.

The lp palm sounds interesting. Looking forward to see how different it is.

Real needed changes:

#1) Dive kick out of demon flip needs to be overhead again.
#2) Jab Senkyugoshoha has no forward is wrong. Move needs to be “even” on gaurd.
#3) Correct hit box on tatsumaki gorasen so that no charcter can low profile the ex version. Then he will have viable wake-up.
#4) Denjin needs to be invinsible frames 1~3 so that trade is possible.
#5) Close standing strong needs to be +2 insted of +1.
#6) fwd+strong need to be +3 on hit.
#7) No change to counters input is needed.

I agree. and to the above saying no chande to counter input needed? I’ve seen some of the best goukens get counter by accident going for tatsu. It’s bad enough that most people don’t try to tatsu while walking back without delaying and going to neutral. I think the change is okie dokie. It makes 2 moves more usable

I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t be pleased with this change.

If any of these changes make the final version of the game… FUCK CAPCOM and their shitty game design… That is all.

If any of these changes make the final version of the game… FUCK CAPCOM and their shitty game design… That is all.