Gouken Arcade/DLC Changes SSF4 update thread

lp palm being faster makes me think of doing corner dizzy combos… say EX palm, to fp fireball, to ex fireball to lp palm, to denjin, man thats alot of danger right there.

these are two major buffs to gouken honestly… i wonder what else they changed…

Gouken’s changes sound pretty great to me. I remember it was Raunwynn I believe who managed to get the input mapping suggestion up as one of the top requests for Super changes. I was sad when it didn’t make it into the game, but it looks like they read it after all.

I’m hoping there’s still more though. I’d like to see overhead on the dive kick return. And I hope the LP Palm is hit confirmable in some way or maybe even used as a wakeup option.

I wonder what the HP Kongo will do? I mean, LP and MP are low and high. And HP has the same animation as EX. But EX is still done the same old way… so… could HP have a new unique property?

Would making Gouken Flip Parry not break by reversals be OP? I’m getting ahead of myself already, I should just be happy they haven’t forgotten the old man.

Hopefully whatever the HP Kongo does helps his horrible wake-up.

HP counter for throws please? Wouldn’t THAT be interesting?

If I’m getting this right, Gouken’s lp palm will function like Rufus’ command normal? (Fragrance Palm, forward + HP). It might become a reversal, or safe poke, or linkable from a couple of jabs (holy shit!).

Kongo inputs changes I’m neutral about, they were nothing game breaking to me.

I think most of the changes to other characters will benefit Gouken (as he is)… but it’s a stupid balance. None of us need help by making other people’s characters weaker. They’re catering way too hard to the whining of XxXHardcoreGamerXxX. They’re walking on territory where you balance the game to the point of removing the fun from it.

I can’t see them nerfing Gouken further (but then again if you follow the logic of the nerfs on others, it’s pretty much random at best.)

im pretty fucking excited about finally being allowed to use tatsu as anti air.
tatsu > fadc> ultra is an amazing anti air threat to keep people on the ground.
now that we wont get low counter on twitch tatsus, gouken has everything he needs in my opinion.
all we have to do now is stand in the right spot.

I pray to God that HP counters both high and low, but at half or a quarter of the damage. And EX hopefully counters everything. It’s the only right thing to do.

im extremely happy about these changes for gouken. as raun said, we can finally do tatsu as an AA. i wonder if they are going to do the counters like geese in cvs 2 where each button is for a different height. sure they have said mp is for high, but what if its just for grounded moves and hp is for jumps? i think its possible. would be nice if they decreased the recovery for DF parry. Lp palm not going anywhere is a toss up for me. i think it will be great if it can be comboed into or used as a wakeup, but if it doesnt really make a difference then its kind of lame cuase i use lp palm often and ill have to re-adjust. i wonder if we will be able to punish blocked blanka balls now on a consistent basis since if you block it he goes have the distance. however, now we would have to use mp palm, more startup, could still not work. lol, wouldnt that be funny.

I hope Gouken Counter gets 3 directions now, you know: LP=Low, MP=Mid, HP=High, that would make it harder to counter someone.

Also where is the news about Tatsu been a good anti-air now? Did I miss it?

Once again… Capcom is making sick… with these absurd updates… I really hope they’re just testing to get feedback from us because… Hell i’m getting angry at the updates for characters that i hate… grrr. Capcom i hope you know what you’re doing…

The move itself hasn’t seen any changes. It was just hard to use before because the input overlapped with low counter. So if you quickly did it on reaction after walking back or holding down back, you’d eff it up more often than not because of the whole shortcut thing. It’s nothing major but it is convenient. Well, I’ll probably hate it at first actually when I’m trying to do low counters the old way.

“Gouken’s Light Rush Punch has no forward movement, but it is faster.”


c.mp or c.lk to lp. palm is awesome.
faster lp. palm also sets up the safe blocked palm better.
why wouldnt you like this?

It could be either good or bad. Bad that it might remove the spacing he needs for some hado juggle follow ups, or AA kongo FADC lp palm.

It doesn’t set up the safe palm better if it doesn’t go anywhere, I liked having some spacing between me and the opponent before throwing out a hadouken and now I have to be much closer. Also there hasn’t been any news that says it combos from anything yet.

If they’re gonna change anything about Gouken it should be giving him a hit-confirm into tatsu such as 3x jab > tatsu or 2x jab, short > tatsu.

as long as lp. palm still combos from c.hp, they can’t mess it up.
that change doesnt bother me at all.

Yeah, because if i can’t st.hp, light fireball, fadc, cr.hp, light palm anymore im gonna be pissed off.

I can accept it under one condition:
If it has invuln and can be used as AA then I can give up safe palms and easy juggles.

when they say faster startup, the first things that i think are “combos off things it didn’t before” and "easier to punish focus"
i never juggle with lp. palm, i always use mp after ex palm, aa balls or backthrow.