Gouken Arcade/DLC Changes SSF4 update thread

I’d be content with the gouken changes as they are but if I were to be greedy I think the next priorities for a slight buff would be

  1. decrease or eliminate recovery on either air parry or df throw
  2. adjust tatsu so it can hit low more consistently

I think they would kill two birds with one stone if they fixed air parry recovery. Would give gouken an option similar to Akumas hammerfist to get in safely or more mindgames on rushdown. Also makes it a viable option to punish as I generally don’t recovery fast enough to punish someone for guessing correctly. I rarely use it other than baiting on a srk or upball.

As for tatsu, I can’t count how many times its whiffed right infront of someone because they decided to crouchtech/hit confirm string on wake up. Would give gouken that get out of my face move he needs.

mp.palm works with that in vanilla (I believe that’s also true in console-super), not just lp.palm. my execution for that in vanilla is with lp+mp palm, so i OS the ex.palm juggle.

Oh man, that HAS to be why they made the change. And after that connects and sends your opponent flying, Gouken will be able to start his fireball zoning all over again.

fuck that

it one of the things i like about Gouken, i dont want another “jab jab jab special” character, shit is boring

Don’t like it go play with Makoto…

This “jab jab jab special” we’re talking about is so he can go back to fireball zoning.

I’m totally with you on this. Super excited to get my hands on the new gouken (yes homo :0).

Ok, ignore my previous comments i mis-understood some things and now i can’t wait for some gameplay vids of gouken…

very constructive. go playz wit ken!!!". see i can do that too

i dont mind him having “get off me” options, i just dont want it to be like anyone else, thats why im anxious to see how this new lp.palm will work, or if any fixes to tatsu and counter

is jap sensho change to make it a better armour breaker?

Sephiroth sounds like hes tryings to troll but anyways.All i want is goukens dive kick to be over head again

I hope the new light rush palm can be a good wakeup option

counter into what ? a throw? just make the kongo escape a throw but like with a plus something frame advantage>

make gflip cancel to mid air tatsu<or parry cancel to tatsu>>>>>>> yall dont even know how thatll help out???i mean shit>>>>

i as well would like the wake up palm to be able to pass thru the “splash” or wakeup fireball or wake up ultra fireball death chip attempt>>>

at least make double kongo absorb ex green hand>
ex double kongo should cancel all most everything> like 70 percent>>> also we should be able to kongo> . kongo >. kongo >.any poke string as far as we want while of course risking health bar but say at some graduated curve>>>>>>!!!11

i would prefer multi hit confirm fballs at corner or close range

while opponent is GROUNDED ! standing on 2 feet

you would cheapen the value of a monumental move so many of us deserving GOUKEN didnot deserve to be strippped of>
That move alone would cement my mix up gamE> MAKING THE TOP DAWGS HAVE TO BOWN DOWN >>>>>…!

Holy Christ takinflight, stop with the multi-posting. You don’t need 6 posts, there’s a multi-quote feature for a reason.

These Gouken changes Capcom is testing out has me interested. I never really settled on a secondary character to my Guile, but Gouken has always been close. I just never liked how he doesnt have a good wakeup/get-the-fuck-off me move that could be safely FADC’d if his opponent blocks. I also never liked that he can’t combo to special moves off jabs or c.forward/c.strong from far away. Hopefully, if this jab palm thing works out, he will be able to do most of this. I’m diggin the changes to the counter move too since he’ll be able to use his tatsu as AA more consistently. Can’t wait to see what Capcom does come December.