Gouken Automatic High Angle Hadouken problem

Hey guys,

I never really thought about needing to go to forums for help with combos, but this automatic high angle gohadouken from Gouken is getting really annoying. I thought SRK would be the best choice to present this topic.

So basically, I’ve been trying to master Gouken’s ground combo of c.HP -> light gohadouken -> fadc -> c.HP -> ex palm etc; however, for the last couple days I’ve been trying to add in a j.HP to start it off. This is the entire combo I am trying to pull off:

j.HP -> c.HP -> light gohadouken -> fadc -> c.HP -> ex palm -> dash forward -> heavy tatsu

The problem in doing this combo is that right after the j.HP -> c.HP, when I input the command for the light gohadouken, it automatically launches a hard (high angle) gohadouken even before I press a third punch button for any kind of a gohadouken and thus destroying the combo.

I was wondering if anyone had any insight on this problem and if it has happened for anyone else. I recorded a video on youtube showing what I’m talking about:


Please let me know if any of you get this problem too. I play SF4 on PC

What happening is that you’re accidentally using negative edge. In Street Fighter (and many other fighters too I imagine), you can perform a special move by doing the motion and either pressing or releasing the appropriate button.

Negative edge inputs do not show in training mode.

In this case, you’re probably releasing HP after doing cr.hp too late. Either let go earlier (recommended) or let go of HP after the lp fireball comes out.

Oh, I never thought about the button press having two actions. Thanks a bunch Skye, this solved the problem!