Gouken Challenge Mode

Ok im ready to slit my freakin wrists on this one. I am attempting to do the 3rd trial mode on hard.

It is as follows J.HP, c.HP, EX Senku,Ex Gohadoekn,Shin Shoryuken

Not a problem. But why is it everytime I hit the motion for the EX Senku from c.HP he cancels to his super? I am so lost. Any help is uber appreciated.

if you don’t press towards your opponent, the super can’t come out. so just concentrate on holding down-forwards as you finish the EX Senku. visualise your stick pointing down-towards and hold it firmly in that direction.

Ha ha, finally got it. Thank you very much for the help.

A good way to avoid overshooting is to use input shortcuts to minimize your movements. You can perform cr.HP xx EX Senku with :df::p: :df::d::df::p: