Gouken Combo's?

Can someone tell me what gouken’s bnb’s and most know combo’s are. Thanks in advance. I searched the forum and didn’t see a combo thread anywhere.

s.mp, c.hp, ex palm, fierce palm
s.mp, c.hp, ex palm, dash, ultra
c.lp x3 c.lk
back throw, j.mp, sweep
c.mp, fireball
counter xx super

I think those are the main ones you need to know. You can get flashy by fadcing fireballs and palms to extend your combos too.

c.mp xx fireball doesn’t combo.

Can someone adimantly direct him to the combo thread? jk. :slight_smile:

Something really fun when your opponent is in or near the corner:

“close standing HP > EX Senku > HP fireball” is a pretty ideal corner combo that can be followed up with a few different things

LP Palm. I’ve heard you can diagonal jump back and do HK not sure if it works all the time.

Either Ultra.

EX Fireball (this only works on larger characters, i.e., Zangief or T. Hawk) After the HP Fireball do EX Fireball for two more hits, then follow up with Ultra (I know U1 works here and I guess theoretically U2 should also)

any Tatsu (you might wanna be careful, when the first hit of the Tatsu puts the opponent in dizzy they’ll fall out of it, and they might recover in time to punish you on your way down from Tatsu, so when in doubt, see LP Palm.

You can also rinse and repeat if you get the opponent dizzy with these combos; given that you do a Level 3 Focus Attack while the opponent is stunned.

The best way to get the enemy in the corner is just to land a dash palm in any way you can.

.lol what the fuck is with some of these tips?

St.HP xx EX Senku > Fireball > Ultra does more damage if you leave the Fireball out.

Also raw EX fireball off EX senku in the corner works on everyone.

Gouken Combos and Glitches <-- really old but most still work.

thanks man…I did a forum search and couldn’t find that thread.

Oh… Well, should I still be using the HP Fireball for any other follow up?

I just figure the more hits the merrier and I never take scaling into account, although I do notice how much Ultra does get scaled in the combo I mentioned… I just like to show off in the corner XD

cl.st.mp > cr.lp/cr. lk xx hk tatsu usually works on all standing opponents, works on some crouching opponents

Nobody mentioned ex palm dash hk tatsu. HK tatsu misses some characters, only lands the first hit on others, but most characters get the full whammy.

ex palm dash sweep

I know I just put this link somewhere.

I’ll work on a combo thread I suppose.

Vs tall characters its great as a replacement for lp hado in a standard fb combo but its purely for looks.

Hmm, I know, MP hado gives you more frame advantage then lp hado in a combo. Never saw anyone use HP hado in a ground combo.

pretty sure a plain ol cr.fr>fr.fb works on the taller heads.

It might, I’ve just never seen it. I do know that MP fireball in that situation gives you more frame advantage, it’s more than just for looks. Check it out in the corner and see how much easier c.hp xx mp fireball > sweep is then when you do it with lp.hado

will do

What are some punish combo’s for gouken? I try to go for cl FP to ex palm but at some distance it doesn’t seem very feasible. Like if my opponent whiffs a SRK I tend to sweep afterwards since I’m not very confident in getting the CL. FP to palm because of the space between. I feel as though I’m leaving damage out there.

Use c.hp xx EX palm instead if you are uncomfortable with range.

Alright cool I’ll try that out.