Gouken Corner Reset Video




Hey guys, this is a video I made a while back showing a reset option Gouken has in the corner that I think is really strong. I didn’t do a very good job of promoting it but hey if you’ve already seen it by now that’s awesome! I wanted to make a follow-up/redux type vid for AE, although now I’m gonna wait until AE 2012 drops so I can make something even more interesting and definitive.

I’d love to hear any feedback on the video, especially stuff that seems questionable or confusing so I can address it next time around. Please keep in mind this video is actually not what I wanted to stand as the final version but I lost all my source files in a hard drive crash before I could upload the better version :frowning:

Thanks for watching/commenting!


Nice bro. But do these combos work only work in training or do they work in matches too?


nice vid ! should help alot of folks who need or are looking for some new options in the corner etc.


Is that AE?

j HK does soft knockdown. Oh well, replace with j HP and its the same thing.


The video wasn’t but he addressed it in the video.


Pretty cool, I’ll feel like a fool if i miss out on the corner damage and get reversal’d or something.
But i’d feel like a boss if managed to do it with the denjin too.

Worth thinking about, espicially with the upcoming denjin changes.
I’m going to train this technique, As many people are escaping my current corner reset of : Ex Palm > Hp.Hado > LP.hado > cr.HP > LK.DF > Kick or Grab > …etc
By walking forward and grabbing.
Nice find & Nice video to whomever.


That worked a lot better in vanilla. They changed something and it doesn’t work as well anymore.


I wrote a response to this and it got swallowed. I’m kind of annoyed…

Long and short of it was, don’t go for throw, do a sweep after. It keeps them in the corner and you out of it so that you don’t kill what little pressure Gouken can apply.

If you want to go for a throw for a dizzy, after the sweep backdash to look like you are going to throw a fireball and then dash back in and forward throw. Most people never expect this and, again, it keeps them in the corner. Unless you are playing someone just outright desperate or someone that is just gdlk (in which case you are losing anyway) when you backdash they will stop thinking reversal, and when you forward dash, if they are fast enough, the only thing they will do is tech, which leaves you at neutral but with opponent in the corner.


With how short a distance backdash goes, you don’t need the forward dash. You can actually backdash, take half a step and karathrow.




I think it’s worth going for when you really weigh out the risk/reward. The cross-under being basically impossible to react to (unlike many if not most other cross-under setups in the game) means it “beats” blocking and by extension backdashing (note I’m not saying it’s impossible to block or backdash, but it’s not a practical answer) even if the opponent knows what you’re doing. The opponent can’t jump, throw, or basically do anything non-invincible to get out of it either. You’re truly forcing their hand and if they’re wrong it basically means the round. If Gouken is wrong then he MAY be punished depending on the opponent’s character/ultra/meter but it seems like an extremely reasonable risk. One of my favorite things about the setup is that if Gouken guesses reversal and baits it, but it doesn’t come, the opponent is still in the corner and has to deal with Gouken’s excellent corner pressure. Very little lost in the way of momentum.

Obviously you don’t want to go for this if the corner combo would end the round or at least put their health in chip damage death range. But otherwise I feel like this is a threat that should be presented to cornered opponents as routinely as possible.

One thing I definitely want to show in the next vid I make is much more reversal punishment. This setup actually allows you to punish Honda whether he reversals with EX Headbutt OR Butt slam as long as you bait from outside the corner. Crossing under Bison makes all his reversal options go right back into the corner. Same thing happens to Akuma’s teleport. IMO the corner is Gouken’s domain and this setup is one of many reasons why.


Hey guys just a small update, the hit-confirm they added in AE improves this setup considerably to where it is now easy to stun characters up to the 1100 max off a level 2 focus using only 2 bars of meter:


I anticipate this situation will only get deadlier with the AE 2012 changes :slight_smile:


I’ve been using this reset for the last 2 days.
It’s very simple but effective in it’s simplicity.

It’s worked 50% of the time for me in actual matches (of about 8 times attempted)
I’d say:

  • 3 times i’ve been ~Shoryuken’d while attempting.
  • Blocked 1 time, although this is after i’d done it once already to that person, i simple didn’t walk underneath the next time and got him again. Beautiful!
  • Successfully done it 4 times, leading to a lowly scaled dizzy.

The times i got shoryuken’d i can’t believe he knew i was on the other side of him so i imagine he was mashing and auto correct brought him my way.
Fishing for ~Shoryuken’s is hard, it seems you have to guess whether to continue attacking or block.
Guessing wrong will either give you a shoryuken to the face or give them time to block.(Might lead to you being stuck in the corner)

Still i love it, and think i should have been a better judge of character when looking for mashing shoryukens on reset.

I would love to see this ‘more reversal’ video you speak of when you make it.


Thanks for this, I needed new ideas for the EX Senku in the corner.


Hey guys just a heads up, Keike Desora favorited the video! http://twitter.com/#!/desora24/status/110992857279635456

Hopefully we get to see him use it in some match videos soon :slight_smile:


desora has been using cross under stuff for ages. thanks for the video, i used to use the j.hk mixup in the corner in super and i didn’t know you could do it with j.hp. i’ve been using the st.lp > dash method but i prefer this as it’s less easy to see coming.

also ur avatar goes well with the music in the first part of the vid




I’ve seen lots of corner cross-up stuff in many vids but never this specific set-up! If you guys could point me to some where it’s been used I’d love to see them.


I’ve never seen the j.hp one but I’ve definitely seen j.hk in Super, st.lp and the fake cross up with dj.lk

You can see them in any number of Desora or bullcat vids.


Nice video, thank you for the information.