Gouken ex-palm no FADC dash ultra



Ok, so basically i want to get at if you all feel this is worth learning. personally, i feel it is extremely useful and can really make you more dangerous. I can not do it every time, i can do it roughly 60% of my attempts, but it has put me in many favorable leads. However, it sure as hell sucks when it misses.

Basically,. the way i do it is after i land ex palm right as the opponent flips to where his back starts to face the ground i dash and ultra. I dont know if there is more leniency on timing, but from what i have seen the timing is strict. When ultra hits, it’s unfortunately the multi-hitting one, so the damage is not as good. because the damage output is so crappy, i like to save this for when im close to or have ultra level 2. You can get the full hit ultra if you are near the corner and you also do not have to be as fast to input the ultra either. There is one exception for mid-screen that i have found which is against dhalsim. For some reason, against him, if you do it like i described earlier you get the multi-hit ultra, but if you delay your ultra input, like if they were near the corner, so delay maybe a split second longer, you get the full 3 hit animation ultra. I have not been able to recreate this on any other character mid-screen. I hope there is a way to get full hit on everyone mid-screen but i think this might just be dhalsim specific.

I tried this out on all the characters and here is a list of the ones i found it does not work on: fei long, guile, rufus, elf. I am also adding honda to the list as well. reason being, in my initial test i got it to work on him, but later i was not able to do it again.

If anyone else is familiar with doing the ex palm dash ultra post up your thoughts, tips and experiences. lets look into this more, maybe we can figure out how to get that full ultra on everyone mid-screen.

*****EDIT: added from a later post by me so there is no searching for who it works on. **

ok i ran some tests early this morning before i left for work here is what i did. I recorded me doing the combo on ryu: s.fp, expalm, dash, input ultra motion ending in forward and delay a split second and then hit the buttons. got the 3 hit ultra, made sure it worked on both sides and then went through every character. Side note here is that gouken indeed did take a SMALL step forward before the ultra came out. So, im positive this is the key to land the true ultra. Anyway, here are the results.

Hit: Ryu, Cammy, Chunli (left side only), Dhalsim, Ken, Seth (left side only), Boxer, Claw, Sagat, Dictator, Viper, Abel, Gen, Dan, and Sakura. I dont know why for chun li when i moved her to the right side the ultra missed, but thats what happened. Could be it needs to be timed differently or its just a funky quirk with the ultra. For Seth, i got the multi when i moved him to the right side. Again, idk why everything was the same except the side he was on.

Miss or multi: Gouken (miss), Feilong (miss), Akuma (multi), Blanka (multi), Guile (miss i think), Gief (miss), honda (miss), Elf (miss), Rufus (miss), Chun li (miss right side only), seth (multi right side only). note, all these misses/multis are only using the method described above and not the one i described in my initial post.


when i decide if a combo is worth practicing, i compare it to the damage of the more reliable combo i could use in its place.
can you provide the damage values for:

  1. c.hp xx ex palm > mp palm
  2. c.hp xx ex palm > ultra

if the risk of whiffing ultra is 20-30%, i probably wouldnt incorporate it into my game.
your execution is very good, kelly.
if you are missing this 40% of the time, it seems like a dead end to me.


Yeah… this is a good combo to know… The EX Palm Strike to Tatsu is probably more important to know than this one, because it pushes them to the corner


KillaKelly I honestly like Ex-Palm >> DASH >> Ultra now, for a few different reasons:

-It saves 2 EX Bars.
-If you only use the exact combo Ex-Palm >> Dash >> Ultra, damage scaling won’t be TOO bad.
-You can land this combo anytime you have an ultra and EX Bar, whereas you need at least 3 for EX-Palm >> FADC
-I’m whoring Kongoshin xx Forbidden Shoryuken lately, so I like to save my bars wherever possible

But yeah you’re correct in that the window to Dash into and connect the Shin Shoryuken very strict.


ok raun damage values are as follows:

  1. c.hp xx ex palm > mp palm = 364 damage
  2. c.hp xx ex palm > ultra lvl 1 = 442 damage
  3. c.hp xx ex palm > ultra lvl 2 = 527 damage

the damage output is kinda low for lvl one ultra, which is why i like to save it till i have more ultra meter, unless it will kill them. ok, so im missing this like 40% of the time, but i dont try to do it too often. Im still trying to get that muscle memory down. once i do, i will be doing it a whole lot more. one last thing, when i miss its because i got too ahead of myself and didnt look to see where my opponent was on the screen. When i do that i end up trying to dash to soon so nothing happens, then i ultra and ofcourse it misses. The other way i miss, which is the most common for me, is when i dash properly but get palm/ex palm instead of ultra. once i can stop getting palm to come out i will probably only be missing 5-10% of the time.


I can confirm the difficulty on getting this to hit on Honda and I’ll just cross quote this from the tips thread since its relevant, and I also keep falling down at trying to dash to early with that buffer after ex palm.


on ryu:
527 for st. hp, ex face-palm, dash, ultra
624 for st. hp, ex face-palm, fadc, ultra.

I think its worth it, yeah.


You can actually land the “true” 3-hit version off the palm launch anywhere on the screen instead of the multi-hit. You’re actually landing the ultra TOO quickly after the launch believe it or not. The timing is very strict as you’ve probably noticed just trying to land the ultra in general. If you pay attention to the height of the falling opponent, you’ll get the multi if they are about a “standing body” length above your head. You’ll get the true version if they are about a “crouching body” length over you. As you’ve probably noticed, if they are at your head level, you get the whiffage.

I can’t land either consistently as I’m either not that quick, or I just don’t have the proper technique for the forward dashing into ultra (guess I should practice the ryu srk > fadc > ultra). So being probably a bit slower than you, I get the 3-hit more consistently.

I don’t have an extensive list of the who/can’t it lands on, but it most definitely works on ryu when choosing the base person to beat on in training.


This was posted a long long time ago but kinda got lost in the shuffle. It’s pretty hard to pull off and the results really vary depending on the character.


Is the timing any different to this (vs. EX facepalm -> dash -> tastsu timing)? I’ve landed this, ONCE during a match and thought it was going to fail, but it worked.


In principal it’s the same but you have to dash immediately after ex palm then immdiately ultra so you dont have much time to buffer, you have to do both asap else you wont catch them with the arc of multi-hit.


im pretty sure xpulse is talking about the non fadc combo. i spent a while messing with different timings on ryu as he suggested and i got the 3 hit ultra mid-screen, but i was unable to do it consistently. idk what i was doing different because it all looked the same to me. I’m going to experiment more with this later. what i am hoping is we can figure out how to consistently land the 3 hit ultra without needing to FADC.


No fadc needed. It’s f’ing TOUGH, but trust me, once you get it the first time, you’ll be a believer. Like I said, the timing is extremely strict. The ultra reaches a bit further than most people think (I’ve landed wakeup ultras to ryu FB meaty spam from nearly a 1/3 screen away).

The height distance/difference of where you land the multi and the true is about the same “zone” distance as where you can land Viper’s ultra on a falling opponent and a whiff (slightly above the waist to right above the shoulder). That small amount of space is the difference between multi/true. As you could probably imagine, the timing difference in that “zone” space is not too lenient.

Now that I’m thinking about it, if you do the motion with a slight delay to the button input - but keep holding torward the opponent, you could probably get just a hair more forward movement before the ultra comes out - similar to viper instant air burning kicks. Like I said before, I’m probably not as fast as others when it comes to dash > double fireball motion, so this “works” in my favor. Whenever I get this out in practice mode, I get the true or I whiff - which is probably 1/10 times.


Well I never thought it was possible and I stand corrected yet again, so the issue isnt timing so much as how to maximise edging forward? I guess what xplulse just mentioned is the key, finding the threshold of how late you can delay the button press.


I wish you could kara s.rh into ultra… but Gouken has too many special moves.

Maybe there’s a way to not trigger a special but still trigger an ultra?


lol, you guys are crazy!
i tried fooling around with this today, just to see the damage range.
i could not hit it at all.
call me meat and potatoes.
that combo is too risky!
if a gouken ever hits me with it i will go like this:



This is my bread and butter combo with Gouken. Everyone that watches me do it always has some comments about it. Never gets old. Ill try to do an Ultra next time, since I can do EX-palm xx tatsu juggle with my eyes closed. I should be able to do this too.


I just got the full 3-hit ultra to work on Ryu a few times after the ex-palm.

I don’t know why… perhaps the ex palm hits differently in certain situations and leaves you closer afterwards? Maybe it’s purely a timing thing? Maybe you have to walk a pixel forward after your dash?

I dunno. . It’s just random so far.

C’mon guys, we need to figure this out. :stuck_out_tongue: This would really help Gouken.


I think it’s related to something I noticed about fighting blanka – the opener for the entire combo sets the ‘hit box’ of the opponent for the duration of the combo. Try starting with a straight jumping FP and I bet it will be easier to combo into.


xpulse i tried this out earlier and i think this is the way to go. i got the 3 hit ultra with some consistency on ryu and then tried it on sagat and it worked as well. i didnt get a chance to run it through the enitre cast. I did try it on gouken, but i missed, so im going to try changing the timing on him and see if it actually doesnt hit or is a timing issue, but this method looks VERY promising. the exact combo i did was S.FPxxex-palm, dash, input command end on forward hold a split second and hit all 3 punches. i will try it out with c.fp and see if that makes a difference.