Gouken Forum mods


Hey guys, do you think we can use some additional mod to keep stuff tidy up? Nomination, discussion, etc. Keep it civil though!

Not what he means. Read the thread :slight_smile:

I did. We even have someone here nominated themselves. I don’t get what you are talking about.

I read it for a few pages and saw people nominating themselves. I also saw the super mods saying they are not looking for individual forum mods as that just adds to the mess, they want a couple super mods. Maybe that thread went on even further and now they want individual forum mods?

I don’t know, I stopped reading once they made it absolutely clear they did not want to have to manage 40+ different mini mods.

They made it absolutely clear that if you need something done in a character forum you should message a supermod.

EDIT: http://shoryuken.com/f321/shoryuken-com-moderators-262091/index3.html#post10086431

Like I keep saying in the other character boards: help me help you. I haven’t looked in the Gouken section in forever (this topic caught my eye). If there is something obviously wrong, it helps me if you PM/hit my visitor wall and alert me to it. Otherwise, with 30+ boards, I’m def gonna miss it.

…and you’re correct. Not looking for mods for each individual character sub-board.

Ah I see, that is nice to know. I only read the first two pages and figure I will get some opinion together. Thanks for clearing things up.