Gouken hard trail 3



I need help



If you find it difficult, you’re gonna REALLY hate hard trial #4. :stuck_out_tongue:



You need to tell us what you’re having trouble with. And yeah, #4 should be fun for you.


Don’t try to complete the combo in one shot… make sure you can execute different things.

If you’ve gotten this far, you shouldn’t have a problem with the completing the beginning of the combo to landing the EX Palm. so…

What I did was basically practice EX Palm > EX Hadoken for about 10-15 min or until I could practically do that shit in my sleep… Then I did EX Palm > EX Hado > Ultra… they key is after the 2nd hit of the EX FB begins, start buffering your ultra and when Gouken recovers hit the 3p button and it should go off like clock work (buffering will be the key to most of Goukens harder combos).

After you get this… .just put together the entire combo and you are good to go. It’s really no secrets about this one, just plain execution. and believe it or not this shit is piss easy compared to Trial 4.


Just delay/charge ya Hados a smidgen. The rest is/should be Wii-easy.

Gouken’s trials are actually the easiest imo. Only 5 is tricky until you know the ‘trick’!