Gouken Hard trial 4: My own special hell

Why the hell cant i do this? After the hurricane kick i have no problem FDAC’ing but my shin shoryuken is ALWAYS barely late! WTF? Is there something i’m missing? Some kind of joystick movement that lets me do this faster?

Lots of very useful information here : http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=201029

yeah i couldn’t do it until I got a stick. I wanted to kill myself when I was trying to do the trail with the xbox controller haha

Easy to do even without a stick. The trick is combining the FADC with the ultra motion.
like: mk+mp -> qcf qcf qcf ppp
I always throw in a third qcf just to be sure. If you do it fast enough the two forward motions you need to dash are supplied by the qcf motions and the old man pulls off the fadc and ultra’s directly after.

I can do the FADC Ultra fairly often, the obnoxious combo before it is the problem.

thanks alot guys! This helped alot

I’m rather scrubby but I found something that worked for me. I don’t know why it works, some mechanic or frame data thing that I don’t understand yet but anyways.

Do the jumping fierce as late as possible, just before you land, follow up with the standing medium also as late as possible, just before they block. Then it feels like you can get the cr.lp out faster for some reason, cancel into tatsu, fadc and whip out that true srk.

Hope that helps you a little :slight_smile:

helps if dan is near the corner so that he stays in the air slightly longer to do the ultra. I did it my first try once i realized that.