Gouken in Training



My gouken online play is really rough around the edges…sitting at around 1700pp/5kbp, its feels like I’ve hit my current ceiling. I watch bullcat vids and drool I’m sick of being an average gouken, fighting so god damn hard for every match.

I’m routinely beat by strong rush down players/characters and have problems executing combos with standing fierce punch. I get thrown and jumped on like theres no tomorrow, his normals seem…useless.

I also have trouble mounting and maintaining offensive pressure. gouken flip seems so punishable/ineffective against many players…I’m sure I’m doing it wrong, but I’ve no idea how to do it right either.

I’m considering buying an arcade stick if its more accurate than a pad. I’m currently using a 360 controller/d-pad. The analog stick feels weird idk…

ALSO! I can’t consistently use the diagonal shortcut for his palms/kongo. do most people use that or the srk motion?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Longtime lurker just trying to significantly step my game up. I hear theres online tutoring or something? And are there any Gouken blogs? like the ryu air blog? <3


Sounds like either some more training room time is required(not constantly, just say a 15 minute warmup before you go online?) or online is just manhandling you(lord knows some of the odd inputs I’ve come across online, it’s mind boggling O.o)

Getting thrown and jumped on online are some of my greatest pet peeves, I hate throw teching and still getting thrown online, fortunately I do still get them most of the time. And dumb jumpins? God I hate when people get away with them online because the AA normal timing got delayed and get rewarded with a full jumpin. But thats online and that happens, nothing you can teach yourself about except trying to figure out how delayed it is and just being that much sooner.

Goukens normals though are very good, just situational(their great weakness is lack of hit/blockstun, so no strong frame traps or block strings or links). Vs jumpins you’ve got c.HP(the most reliable one versus those guys that jump 8 times in a row just hoping online will finally make you mistime or something :S), c.MK(for vertain odd moves), far.MK(for those trying to jump out of reach of c.HP, usually Giefs), close HK(for those kens that do c.LP c.LP crossup j.LK all day long when next to you or similar). The beauty of AA normals is they make people want to push buttons to beat them(except the just out of reach jumps) and that’s when High Counter really begins to shine.

Theres much more to his normals than this, but those are essential vs the jumpers jumpers of online -.- Also if you can his tatsus a great antiair, but it forces you to stand neutral :frowning: This however will beat 90% of all those jumpins online as people are like: This dude has no SRK? Screw it Imma jumping! Tatsu teaches them to stop doing that very quickly, and trade leads into ultra :smiley:

Gouken flip is a diffcult tool and AE is going to improve it greatly. First thing to learn is to never do empty flips unless you’re 95% certain they are doing something you will catch(seriously the amount of times other Goukens try it on me I just j.MP them right out of it, you’ve got an hour to react to it).

Using it off a poke is risky but you need to figure out how you’re opponent reacts to it and potentially use it, I use this a lot vs players that don’t know and nearly never against those that do.

I like the reset one and there are plenty of topics going into better depth than I will, but know it takes training room time, practice in the field and reading your opponent to get the most out of this move. Just keep a stiff upper lip :slight_smile:

Changing to stick was the best decision I ever made. If it’s best for you, I simply don’t know. There are some great pad players out there so there is no overall best tool, it’s just what you use best. If you’ve never used stick before, it’ll be very difficult at start, but know it will get better eventually :slight_smile:

Again this is preference. I myself actually use several depending on the situation.

me in downback: I use db, d, db +p/k to kongo
me walking back: I use b, db, b +p/k to kongo
me doing anything else: I use b, d, db to kongo

Theres also the b,f,b +p/k shortcut glitch which is annoying as hell and has given me many an unwanted kongo -.- Find out which methods you prefer.

As far as I know this is the right forum(it’s labeled Gouken and everything^^), but try to read all the wonderful topics filled to the brim with the Gouken technology. Don’t try everything at once, pick something, try it out online repeatedly, when satisfied go to the next. Gouken takes a lot of work, but he has one of the biggest toolboxes in the game, which sadly leads to all of them having lacking frame data, but good reactions + predictions(my playstyle focus and not the only way to play the old man) take the old man crazy places :smiley:

Hmmm looking it over I soooooooooooo want to TL;DR myself XD


I am with you on this kingkong. I main fei and gouken is my secondary. Something i found really useful was learning his block string with lp fireball. xxx cr.lp with cr.lk -> lp fireball and xxx cr.lp to cr.mp -> lp fireball. Also learning to crouch tech as gouken is vital. The dive kick pressure is still a mystery to me. But i get blown-up by makoto mainly. He is not easy to play (which is what makes it fun for me). Hopefully ae will change things.


You’ve learned a very valuable tool with exploring his frame traps.


I think we played today :smiley: Add me to friends so we can play more. I just started playing AE and need all the matchup experience I can get.


I went through this weird phase where absolutely NOTHING was working for me online. I play Gouken and only him. I find every other character so bland and so damn boring. The answer to most of ur questions is pretty much patience and a lot of practice. I suggest stop playing ranked matches and focus on endless. I found that once I stopped playing ranked a lot of the pressure was off of me and i felt more freedom to try and experiment new things with him. Trust me on this…the rank point system means fuck all. Once u start playing endless u will feel no pressure so even if you lost 10 games straight its like “whatever.” Practice not being so damn predictable. Dont play like a flowchart. Make ppl say “WTF IS HE DOING???” Also, like many ppl have and will say…Gouken is very very very frustrating to use. I also thought his normals were useless…but now I see the potential and that only way I learned that was by trying random things. Another thing to keep in mind is that one strategy may work on one ryu but not the other. You should focus on the current match played and know what can and cannot be punished. Once you get that down u will be able to release the pain train as Gouken is by far the strongest character in the game (inflicting damage that is).
Read thru this forum and others like it. Watch online tutorials and other players’ videos and you will learn many things from each player out there. Understand that for the most part Gouken is not a feared character so your opponents will have no respect nor mercy…its up to u to make them fear u. Dont be afraid to lose man…God knows how many times I’ve lost to absolute trash players, but shit happens and u shouldnt let it kill ur game. Don’t give up on the old man and keep that fighting spirit strong. Gouken is the coolest damn street fighter character EVER IMO and the fact that he’s underrated is what attracts me to him so much. If you’re playing for points then I say lose the old man and pick up ryu or balrog and jab away to ur heart’s content. But i’m sure thats not why u play this game.

One last thing before I stop my endless post lol. About stick vs pad. I play on ps3 and I use the regular controller. I tried the arcade stick and did absolutely AWFUL. I tried for a couple of months then came back to the regular pad and my game has thanked me ever since. I’m not telling you to not use the stick, but I am telling you that you can be a great player using a normal pad. The stick will not make or break ur game…its just a matter of comfort and opinion.

Take care man and wish u all the best.


will add ya ^^b


train me with some fei and ill show you gooks:woot:


Word !


haha i main gouken and feilong is my secondary hahah but yea ae will change a lot i believe im really excited about the air parry being better especially since i switched to denjin


i completely disagree with the idea that gouken is easy to play

sure his combos are simple and don’t require for the most part the absolute highest level of technical finesse, but winning with gouken ain’t easy AT ALL. wrong guesses get you blown up for free on defense, and actually creating a damaging situation against a good opponent is extremely difficult. it’s not all demon flipping over fireballs into half life combo, game is hard against good players - nothign with gouken is “automatic” - you gotta earn it.


Is there any good goukens down to train maybe show me some new stuff combos etc. im on xbl :china:


Other than Gouken, Fei Long is fun too… I really love both of them… Both are not easy to win with, need a lot of execution, spacing, zoning knowledge…


Sure, I can show you some stuff to do so hit me up.



I agree with LordMelchiah X. I am relatively new to the Street Fighter 4 and alot of people looked at me when I first picked Gouken. I have gotten my ass kicked alot with Gouken and I came close to agree with what my friends were telling me about how he was basically useless but I didn’t. I believe in Gouken and I am going to continue with him. Plus the quote and youtube video SendMaster has up about how everyone wants to learn how to win but never to accept the way to lose. I have to admit that quote hit home because I lost to a really good Juri player 30 times in a row at Ignite Network yesterday and I didn’t get mad which I found weird and so did he. I just kept playing and studying him and I manage to win the 31 game, and I thank him for not going easy on me. I know that may sound weird but in a way I felt like I leveled up a little. Anyway I encourage everyone here to friend me on PSN because I do need help mastering Gouken. My PSN name is My_Last_Fantasy


thats how it used to be in the bowling alleys and arcades back in the sf2 days…you keep playing and playing until you win , thats a great story i like it