Gouken is actually a famous brazilian actor called Lima Duarte


I’m sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong spot.
There’s a very famous actor here in Brazil called Lima Duarte. He’s been acting for decades now and is one of the most famous Brazilian actors in the brazilians ‘novelas’ (Soap Operas)

A lot of players here in brazil started to notice the similaraties between our famous Shoto master and the actor. I’m not sure if you guys will find them similar, or event this post funny, but i thought I could share this with you.




Hope you enjoy it.


lol brazil knows whatsup


old knews.


Wow this guy is a total dickhead.

Don’t listen to dickheads like this guy, Sarda.

I think the similarity is funny.

(furix is a dickhead)


Damn dude looks just like Gouken! Wonder how good he is?


thats crazy, lol

apparently lots of great fighters come from brazil… (reference to MMA)


I wonder if this guy trained Lyoto Machida. :wgrin:
Now all we need is a blond Brazilian dude who looks like Ken. Cause we already know Ernie Reyes Sr. is akuma.



Thats pretty cool actually. Very funny!


get a longer beard, longer hair, and shoot fireballs and we will be in business.


Wow, a thread in the SFIV section is actually good for once.

Repped to the OP, negged @ the hater.


Kinda funny, but he looks more like Fidel Castro.




Hahha guys, thanks for the laugh. THought you guys might enjoy it.


There’s a body builder who comes down to our local store game over_ in Vegas who already claimed that title.

He has the exact build of Gouken, if not bigger. Has the goatee, and receding hair-line that is colored gray/white.

Shit, I’ll try to get a picture next time he comes in.


So Uncle Phil from Fresh prince is the black gouken.