Gouken loop.



How do you defend against the Gouken loop of death ?

Its st.MK, LP fireball in the corner. You cant do anything because of blockstun.


Try LK slide, or super


Trying playing a character that’s not built on bull shit.


I don’t think I’ve had to deal with the Gouken loop of death, as you say, but Dudley has a similar thing and the only way to deal with it is to either a) do a random ultra 2 or super between hits, b) or to keeping blocking and wait for the other player to get bored and do another move that might let you break away.

The best solution is probably to just not get cornered. Gouken is one of the, if not the easiest character for Dhalsim to zone imo.

You can see the Dudley nonsense I’m referring to here at around 0:25 and 1:53:


Yeah Ive seen it and its also happened to me a few times :frowning: Playing on yellow bar connection its much worse as they recover faster than sim and can use their abusive moves on you.


mash in between s.mk and hadoken.


dont listen to any of the above suggestions

read frame data of gouken , see block stun of mk and startup of lp hadouken and then see what moves you have to counter the gouken attacks

there’s no such thing as loop of death, plus the fireball of gouken does push back if i remember correctly


The correct respond is “Throw them”.

st.cl.mk for Gouken is 3 frame start up, but the fireball chain afterward is not tight. There are enough time to throw. And they have to be close to you or st.cl.mk won’t come out.



You can throw in between.

But if you play a gouken who knows this, theres a mental mix up, but just throw in between


I try to save my meter when I suspect gouken to go into that loop for the super. Didnt know I could throw, thank you!

OT: What would make Gouken one of the easiest to zone? He has alot of tools to get in, you cant throw any fireballs when he has meter, countermove, armored jump and alot more. Im not saying its impossible or super hard to zone him but saying that he is one of the easier to zone just doesnt make sense on paper. What am I missing here?


don’t get cornered… seriously


Not saying I’m the authority on Gouken vs Sim, but from my experience he’s one of the easiest to zone. The armored jump gets beat by ex-blast. If you AA his armored jumps with b+MP you still recover before he can hit you when he lands. His countermove probably hurts him as much as helps because you can bait it out a lot of the time and punish. It’s true you gotta be careful with fireballs when he has meter, but its not like he is a terrible threat if you can’t wrecklessly throw fireballs to push him back. I never seem to have problems being pinned down by him (unlike a lot of chars) and the only times I end up losing, generally, is when I’m not careful and eat a dive kick combo for half my life.


Maybe the players online playing Gouken are easy to zone out. But on paper the character is really hard to keep out compared to Ryu that has nothing that gouken has. Gouken kinda feels like a weird Ryu/Akuma/Balrog.