Gouken Low-Tier?

Sick Dash
Sick Sweep
Damaging combo’s

Outzoning Sagat???

How can you guys EVEN COMPLAIN??!

I thought Gouken was banned? What dumb tournament organizer allowed Gouken to be used?

Hopefully Oni will stay banned at least.

lulz, if you only knew…

THROW INTO ULTRA?!?!? WTF ban this suckah

If he can land those combos.
Free on wake up. Difficult to get in.
Difficult hit confirms.

Just because Infiltration blew up Bonchan on stream… the matchup is still clearly 6-4 Sagat.
Bonchan just didn’t know the matchup.

the matchup was in sagatss favor, bonchan definitely doesn’t know the matchup. u2 shuts gouken down, and bonchan missed many aa opportunities, and opted to block rather than move forward. Infiltration Played damn well though. He made really good use of goukens dash.

I’ll spam ono’s twitter about this bullshit. no way he is getting buffed in 2012.

Hey, them’s fighting words around these parts, lol. He’s getting all buffs, and he needs everything he can get.

Nah he doesn’t need them.
6-4 how I saw fireball on fireball action and gouken won its 7-3 goukens favor

No, it isn’t.

Bonchan didn’t anti air, he didn’t pressure gouken. Gouken can’t demonflip without worrying about tiger knee, angryscar uppercut, st. rh, and gouken cannot do any kind of demonflip (even a light version when your opponent is on the other end of the screen) when sagat is stocked with u2, bonchan used u1. Sagat has better buttons/upclose ground game, and gouken can’t give damage without taking big risks, pariticularly through jumping. Also you’re underestimating sagats ex-fireball

Bonchan was simply unfamiliar with the match, which is understandable.


Why are you defending obviously gouken is broken.

I’ll bite – how is he broken?

dude you dont even know
secret top tier.
Our chargable fireball wrecks shit. FUCK EX METER ILL JUST HOLD THE BUTTON FOR 2 HITS.
Sweep and dash is our bread n butter.

this guy knows

So I heard you guys are free to trolls :slight_smile:

this guy knows aswell

infiltration going up against tokido now, he’ll get bodied no doubt :confused:

ok I changed my mind gouken is shit becasue akuma - gouken is like 8-2

And people who think Gouken can beat Akuman can shut up now. It isn’t even close. Gouken had no option whatsoever against a Akuma in a capable hand. I am surprise he even got one round (mostly due to a lucky Ultra cause he also know Akuma timing perfectly)