Gouken Lp Lp Lp, HP... wait Lp?



Im playing gouken and when i try to do lp lp lp then all three punches (hp) it comes out as a lp… or if i do all 3 kicks it comes out as a Lk… it only comes out as a lp or lk if im pressing lp before i press hp…

so its like lp lp lp hp! but the hp comes out as a lp… unless i actually use the normal hp it will come out as a lp.

Is that just gouken? i tried 3 controllers so i know its not them, the game is brand new, and im using the brand new xbox.


I don’t know, is it? You tried 3 different controllers but not 3 different characters?


Why would you use 3P for HP anyway? The problem is that you’re chaining the LPs together so that’s what the game reads whenever you hit 3P. It reads another lp (this is the basic of many anti-backdash Option Selects). You can either delay the input which would link the HP or (better idea) stop using 3P just to hit HP.


i assumed it wasnt only for gouken, and i could care less if it wasnt, cuss i know it didnt use to do that, so a patch or w/e must of messed it up.

I use all 3 punches because im a nub and i cant do special moves and stuff.


It should be because you’re pressing PPP before the third s.lp ends- the only available punch at that time is to chain into another s.lp, if you want it to be s.hp you have to wait until the s.lp ends fully before pressing PPP.


yeah. You can’t chain a fierce off of a jab.


Input priority. 3P when you press it, gives you the highest priority punch. Normally it goes LP<MP<HP but as it turns out, chained jabs have higher input priority. So simple as that. Same thing happens with kara-throws and other special moves. Why do you think hadouken comes out when you hit quarter circle forward, but shoryuken comes out if you hit a forward first. Shoryuken has more input priority than hadouken does.




… no.

… stop using the 3 punches button.


this has nothing to do with that, sometimes when you accidentally press the 3K button twice for Makoto’s U2 it will register as a LK & you will get the LK version of the Ultra…it’s quite odd seeing as if you press the 3K button you get a HK


No the person ou quoted is corect. In makoto’s case you hold down the 3 kicks to differentiate between the distance of the ultra. Gouken can’t link HP from LP. Thus after the lp only more lp’s will come out. Facts of gouken


You can’t link hp off of lp.


You can’t triple stamp a double stamp!

Don’t limit yourself by saying you’re a nub and can’t do special attacks - PRACTICE without the triple buttons! It really doesn’t take long to adjust and it will genuinely make you a better player because of a better control scheme and the confidence you’ll gain from overcoming a problem like that.


I don’t even know what special moves have to do with the 3P button unless you are talking about lariat.


On a controller its a little bit more tricky to perform EX moves by manually pressing two buttons, at least for me it was. That’s why i used 3P on a controller myself.


I don’t see how its tricky at all. Only problem that can arise from multiple buttons is getting an ex when you really wanted to hit 3 buttons on a pad. Theirs nothing difficult about pressing two buttons at once.


you’re not understanding at all, if you hold down the 3K button on Maks ultra you would likely get the LK version is what i’m saying, proving that it has nothing to do with combos, it registers as a LK for apparently no reason in some cases. if you hit the 3K button normally you would get a HK, so why does the LK version of her Ultra come out??