Gouken matches on super street fighter 4 3DS!



im most definitely getting the nintendo 3ds and obviously street fighter 4 3ds and heard that its gonna have like some type of friends list on it so erybody let me know if ur gettin it if not GO TO GAMESTOP AND RESERVE YOUR 3DS IMMEDIATELY haha but yea i wonder how different its gonna be compared to the console even though its gonna be wierd for those of you who use the stick for me i use stick and pad and i know iam uses both too so i better be seein goukens postin on this thread givin me their gay ass friend code that nintendo uses haha wonder if they r gonna put the AE dlc in it that would be tight but i doubt it
put your thoughts down…this is like the first thread ive started hope it does well haha
i think it looks pretty good what do u think it even has worldwide online hope the online is good
gameplay for this one starts about 14:50 [media=youtube]5haTqCE_pnY&feature=related[/media]


I will let u know when I get mines, im def getting one, and a ps3.


Don’t get a PS3 for street fighter. I made that mistake after I already had an xbox. Difference in online play is ridiculous. That’s just my opinion though. I only use my PS3 as a blu ray player now.


he is right bout ps3 even though i like playing on ps3 more for some reason prolly cause i just like ps3 better like i got 11k bp wit gouken on ps3 and all but the everybody up to c trophy but i say get it i got vanilla and super on both systems and good iam im glad u gettin it that should be pretty tight


I’ve definitely been bullshitting building BP, b/c I don’t play ranked much… probably at all now. I have thought about getting that C to shining C achievement, but I want to do it on my arcade stick.

I am about to divorce my pad… after 20 years… NOOOOOOOO!