Gouken Moveset and Attributes

Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like focus attacks, ex moves, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties.

Once a full movelist including frame data has been provided for the character, this post will be edited to include all of it, with proper credit to the guy who copied all that stuff from the Japanese guide or whatever.

I’ll update this post as all the info comes in so no one has to scan thru xx amount of pages for info.


  1. GoHadouken (chargeable, makes fireballs hit twice)- Qcf+p

Jab travels across the screen. Strong travels at a 45 degree angle. Fierce travels at roughly at a 70 degree angle (just like 3s Urien).
All strengths of fb travel at more or less the same speed. It’s around the speed of a shoto medium fb. Hitting a opponent with a fireball puts them in a juggle state.

EX Properties- Throws a straight fb then a 45 degree angle fb. Good for locking people down.

  1. Senkugoshoha- DP+p

Goes through projectiles in the dash part of the move but NOT at startup. Seems possible to go through an opponent’s projectile and hit them in recovery at around mid range (except maybe guile/seth). The move also breaks focus attacks.

EX properties- Allows you to do juggles. Hits you way high in the air so you can connect with more or less anything you want.
The dash part of the move is ommited in close range which makes it excellent for combos.

  1. Tatsumaki Gorasen ( can be done in the air)- Qcb+k

Good anti-air (lk, mk, or EX) and combo ender,

EX Properties- Fast ass start up and a ton of invincibility, more damage

  1. Kongoshin- Reverse dp+p or k

Pretty much counters anything that doesnt break armor, punch counters jump ins, mid hits, and specials. Kick counters low. Can be FADC near the corner for a juggle.

EX Properties- Less damage, counters anything that isnt a throw or armor breaking.







Ultra-Yes(Not on initial hit)


Super-Yes(Close Range)
Ultra-Yes(Close Range)










Super-Yes(Close Range)


Super-Yes(Close Range)
Ultra-Yes(Close Range)



Super-Yes(Close Range)



  1. Hiyakkishu- Dp+

Better version of Akuma’s.

EX Properties- Invincible start-up and auto-tracking.

Hiyakisshu Follow-ups:

a. Hiyakkigozan (no input)- Lands and sweeps with some recovery after
b. Hiyakkigoshu (press p)- Parries a attack
c. Hiyakkigojin (press K)- Executes a dive kicks with heavy stun if hits, always allowing a combo after
d. Hiyakkigosai (lp+lk)- Does a 2-hit grab


  1. Forbidden Shoryuken (super)- QCFx2 +p

Uses- Anti-air, combos

  1. Shin-Shoryuken- QCFx2+ PPP

Uses- Combos or anti-air (must be done sorta early). If it misses the first hit, it still does a ton.


kara throws with s.hk

lp+lk- Does a 2 part throw, no reason to do this one cause back+throw is so much better.

Back lp+lk- Gouken tosses the opponent straight behind him, down right one of his best moves period. Allows for any type or juggle you want, since it puts them in a juggle state.



-Standing far-


s.mp- Same animation as his Gohadouken, decent poke up close

s.fp- A straight hand strike, seem to have a good hitbox and priority, I’ve beat jumpin from afar with this (or trades at worst)

-Close Standing-




c.mp- A downward hit (actually hits low) that can be cancelled into anything. Use as you would shotos c.mk.

c.hp- One of the best Anti-airs in the game hands down, beats damn near anything. Can Anti-air then cancel into a demon flip or gohadouken for pressure or chip.



j.mp- Two hit uppercut in the air. Has strange properties, you can juggle a super, but a Ultra will get only about 6 hits max and you cant get the first ultra hit :confused:


-Neutral jumping-

nj.fp- I find this to be the equivalent of shotos nj.rh from older games, pretty much destroys anything in the air.


-Standing far-

s.lk- Quick kick to the shins, good poke up close.

s.mk- a upward kick thats good anti-air from far

s.rh- A quick gut kick, seems to deal heavy stun and can be kara canceled to a grab

-Standing close-




I guess I might as well post some random tidbits from my limited play of gouken:


  • QCF+P/DP+P/QCB+K can be Focus Attack cancelled

  • QCF+P
    Jab travels across the screen. Strong travels at a 45 degree angle. Fierce travels at roughly at a 70 degree angle (just like 3s Urien).
    All strengths of fb travel at more or less the same speed. It’s around the speed of a shoto medium fb.

All strengths of Fireball can be charged. When charged fully, they become multi-hitting. Startup animations for all the ranges look the same so you can’t tell which one he is going to throw until he throws it (again, like Urien).
EX version throws a straight fb then a 45 degree angle fb. Good for locking people down.

  • DP+P
    Goes through projectiles in the dash part of the move but NOT at startup. Seems possible to go through an opponent’s projectile and hit them in recovery at around mid range (except maybe guile/seth). The move also breaks focus attacks.
    EX version allows you to do juggles. I particularly like close HP, EX dp+p, fadc, ultra. Also, ex version hits you way high in the air so you can connect with more or less anything you want.
    The dash part of the move is ommited in close range which makes it excellent for combos.
    Example b’n’b: Crossup j.mk, close standing hp, ex dp+2p, dp+hp

  • Tatsumaki Gourasen (qcb+K)
    I could be wrong here as I didn’t test this move extensively, but to me this move seems to be crap in everything but combos. You’ll even get situations where you hit with the first kick (which has pretty long range) and the then the rest whiffs and you get to wear a big sign saying “Hit me with your best combo/ultra!”).
    Air qcb+K moves across the screen in a straight line (like hyper fighting ryu/ken air hk). Could possibly be used to throw off anti-air timing or as another way to get over projectiles.
    The problem is, you can’t tiger knee this move which imo, limits it’s usefulness.

  • Reversal (bdp+P for high/mid attacks, bdp+K for low attacks)
    Executes REALLY quickly, but not instantly. It comes quickly enough to interrupt mistimed block strings. Even reverses some special moves (not sure on supers).
    Each successful reversal takes a chunk of grey life and flashes yellow as well as making the sound of an Focus Attack.
    Multi-hitting special moves will eat this move up unfortunately (so, definitely don’t use this against bison). Worse still, you’ll take extra damage from the grey life as well as the normal damage of the opponents special move.

  • DP+K
    Gouken’s version of the demon flip that akuma has. P stops your trajectory. K does a dive kick, which has a huge amount of hit stun allowing for easy followups. LP+LK is a grab.
    Much like 3s Akuma, there is a decent wakeup mixup between the k followup and the grab followup.

I didn’t play around with this move much so I don’t really a lot to say about it.

  • He has a dive kick just like Akuma (whilst jumping forward, d+mk).

  • F+mp is an overhead. Nothing too special about it (so far)

  • s.HP and cr.HP both seem to have bigger hitboxes than they appear to have. For that reason, cr.HP seems to be a decent anti-air and a good ground move in general

That’s it really. Sorry it’s a bit of a mess I just typed what came to mind.

You say his ground hurricane kick is crap in everything but combos… but you dont mention how it works as anti air, which I suppose is its primary purpose.

Does it have any invincibility? Does it beat any jump in attack?

I notice the EX version knocks the opponent all the way across the screen after it hits… do all the different strengths do this as well?

Ah yes, I did forget to mention about the anti-air sorry.

As far as I could tell, it doesn’t have any invincibility the move just kept getting beat clean with pretty much every air normal that was thrown at it.
The only time I could anti-air was when I did it early so that it hits the opoonent with spin kick part of it as opposed to the beginning roundhouse kick part.

Unfortunately atm I can’t remember the properties of the non-EX hurrricane.

[edit] I didn’t test the anti-air proerties of the ex version either. It could be much better.

I’m curious if his poke that looks similar to Ken’s f. MK allows him to kara throw lol.

I think you may be talking about his standing HK in which case yes you can kara-throw. The only thing is, the extra range you get is so small it’s barely noticeable.

Speaking of which, gouken standing mk is also a decent anti-air. Has quicker execution than cr.HP as well so it’s also good for catching people about to jump. Animation looks like makoto’s s.mk and functions in a similar way.

Good stuff keep it coming.

Gouken’s rush punch move… srk+p motion… what are its properties?

Is it 100% invincible at any point, or just around his chest area for going through fireballs? ie, can he be swept throughout the move? Is there any range where its safe on block?

Can you combo into it from anything other than fierce punch? What about any links of other moves into fierce into rush punch?

Does Gouken have any combos which will hit a crouching opponent and which begin with a low hitting attack?
Like say low short linked to low jab etc into some kind of special move?

  • I think the move just has upper body invincibility. I didn’t test it against physical attacks so I’m unsure if the move just has projectile invincibility.

  • He can be swept throughout the move, so I refrained from using it to go through fb’s from afar. I wasn’t able to test the move’s safety on block. It wasn’t being punished but that doesn’t mean it’s not punishable.
    Unfortunately I can’t remember if the move combos from anything other than s.hp.

As for the combos question, I think he can use cr.lk as a starter. I actually tried to get it to link to cr.lp but it wasn’t working. However cr.lp --> c.lk works.

I couldn’t find any links into s.hp. However close s.mp --> c.lp is a link (a combo involving this is actually in the challenge mode)

cr lp -> cr lk works… but does it serve any purpose? Can the combo go anywhere from there?

At the moment I’m worried Gouken might be pretty crappy…
His throw into combos is great, but I dont see how youre supposed to throw anyone if thats all they have to be afraid of. Cant they backdash spam to get out of your throws while not having to worry about any of your low moves?

Well I suppose you could do c.lp, c.lk, hurricane (with fadc -> ender).

I have a feeling that he is a pretty strong character atm but it’s difficult to articulate why. Unfortunately I haven’t done a very good job of answering your questions so I apologize for that.
A lot of the experience I had with gouken was in matches where I didnt get to really test anything out, I just had to try and win.
Not to mention I’ve forgotten a lot of what I actually did (the gaming session I was at was recorded except for my gouken matches because the hard drive ran out of space, Doh!).

Other stuff I’ve remembered:

  • j.mk is a crossup

  • j.mp is an upwards aiming punch that knocks down if you hit air to air. It may even have juggle properties but I’m not sure on that.

  • j.hk does some kind of axe kick looking move. It takes time for the hit frames to be active so for jumping in it’s best to use j.hp and for air to air I think it’s better to use j.mp (it was getting beat by other air attacks when I used it)

  • cr.mk is a kick that looks similar in animation to makoto’s cr.mk. Unlike that version, gouken’s has very short range

  • cr.mp performs a hand swipe that looks like it’s low (can’t confirm at this time whether it is). I’d be very disappointed if it was mid as the only low moves that he has are cr.lk/cr.hk. It is however cancellable and has decent range (about shoto sweep range?).

[Edit] Just watched a video of his moveset, turns out that P out of demon flip is a mid-air parry. [media=youtube]wkkb8jz8RO8&feature=related[/media]

Not only it answers one of brian’s earlier questions in that gouken’s dp+p move (jab version) also combos from cr.mp

Just wanted to throw out there that his back throw, if you don’t do anything while the opponent’s falling down they get NO DAMAGE. So you have to follow it up with something.

from videos I had gotten the impression that the hurricane would whiff on a crouching opponent though.

It would indeed be nice to know if crouching mp hits low. Does it combo into stuff from a reasonable distance or only up close? Can you link anything into it?

PS thanks for answering all the questions :). Waiting for this game while playing theory fighter in my head is painful…

Oh yeah, and can you juggle combo after hitting with an angled fireball? In the corner? Midscreen? Can you angle fireball as an anti air on reaction, or only as a guess? Do any of his normal anti airs lead to juggles?

I think you can only register a combo from inside cr.mp’s max range. I think I may have done close s.mp -> cr.mp but I forget.

When I used anti-air fireball, it was always a guess. Even it has qquick start-up, I get the feeling that the move will at best, trade if you try to use on reaction.

Theoretically you should be able to combo after an anti-air fb in the corner because you can do it in combos (such as after ex dp+2p). In midscreen I don’t think there is any special move fast enough to juggle an opponent.
I guess if you hit them with high angle fb at the peak of their jump you could maybe tag something on

I went ahead and tested it, and cr. medium punch does indeed hit low. :slight_smile:

Also, I figured out that standing hard punch is really good as part of a block string, it comes out relatively fast.

Oh, and I think EX counter counters both high and low, but someone with the game should clarify this since I can’t go out and test it myself.

guys what the command for his mid-air parry

Concerning GOUken’s FB: If fully charged it multi-hits - I’m assuming it hits twice. However, will it go through other projectiles, or does it still get nullified like Gouki’s red FB?

Saw this posted in a thread on the general SFIV forum, but didn’t see it here. For convenience:

Gouken is 1050/1000.

Ground HK Tatsu hits fully on crouchers.

It will go thru other projectiles similar to a ex fireball from Ken and Ryu