Gouken player crossing over to the dark side (tips?)

I’m having a blast climbing my way to G1 with my Gouken, and I’ve learned some good strategy given my limited combo and punishment options, but I feel like I need to make the jump to Akuma if I want to be truly competitive and get good with the more aggressive characters. I was wondering if someone had a brief guideline of Do’s and Don’ts for someone who already has a fair hand on the game mechanics and has played against a number of quality Akuma players. Playing Gouken, I’m a really conservative player and its given me opportunity to knock out a lot of rushdown characters and players of that nature, but Akuma is not a wait and see kind of guy. Should I be teleporting, throwing short demon flips, spamming fireballs and generally freaking out my opponent like an angry-ass gangster until he makes a mistake to capitalize on? Or are there other ways to play him? Here’s some educated guesses I have coming from my experience as Gouken and fighting Akuma online and at the arcade (I usually just play Ryu there.)

-As a demon flip lover I imagine I’ll be doing a lot more shenanigans with this without abusing it, as I am aware of how easy it is to turn around a match when akuma misses a demon flip or dragon punch.

-Poking options go up significantly compared to Gouken, plus I have that amazing HK, whore that shit out in training mode I guess till I got a few combo favs out.

-Much like my backthrow -> ultra tricks with Gouken, work on Demon Rage mindgames with people (lots of practice I guess)

-Akuma’s crazy wakeup game ain’t nothing to fuck with and since I’m not really used to that kind of mentality It’s probably something that’ll develop over time I guess.

Anyone care to elaborate on my guesses and give me some good starting advice before I get punished by every Ryu on Xbox Live?

Just a couple of tips on Akuma’s demon flip vs Gouken’s. First off Akuma’s demon flip is both better and worse than Gouken’s.

Worse -
Slide is not nearly as good
Dive kick is not an overhead
Ex version has zero invincibility on it

Better -
Palm strike is an overhead that armor breaks and has instant recovery

That’s the only thing that’s better, but it has many uses. Any resets will revolve around setups from the palm for the most palm, taking advantage of it’s instant recovery when you use it for block confusion.

id just like to add to this, i dont know if goukens dive kick can crossup but akumas can

Another thing I notice is when your opponent does get that unfortunate knockdown, teleporting is used as a failsafe to reset the match. Are there any other important instances of when to teleport?

Oh yeah is HK his best poke or is there another good one to abuse like low forward and then go into a combo? With Gouken I did a lot of cr MP as it has more range than most people think and usually catches them off guard, giving me enough time to fireball or short demon flip afterwords.

c.mp is great. i use it much more often than HK…unless it’s Sagat/Abel, of course.

I play a balancing act between Gouken and Akuma.

What you’ll miss:

  • Get used to the health disadvantage. You can weather an Ultra with Gouken a lot easier than you can with Akuma. Likewise for any trivial mistake
  • You no longer have a versatile Ultra
  • Gouken’s nj.hp
  • Gouken’s focus
  • Kongo
  • I really miss mp palm through balls
  • c.mp and fs.hk are also great pokes
  • Back toss

What you gain:

  • Insane movement speed
  • A functional jab
  • Monster damage without meter
  • Hit confirms. Yay.
  • Links. Lots and lots of links.
  • Resets ahoy, though Gouken has a wealth also
  • Redball is delicious
  • Wake-up options. Seriously.
  • A command anti-air
  • Focus cancels from screw-ups
  • An air fireball
  • Cross-up tatsu
  • Teleport
  • The ability to rush down hard
  • Basically, a shit load of options for any situation

Akuma is the yang to Gouken’s yin in my book. They are extremely different characters but at the same time have a lot of common ground. I found transitioning to Akuma to be an interesting change and certainly one that I welcomed. Speed, offense, combos and mix-ups being the main attractions.

“Focus cancels from screw-ups” <---- is this fadc after shoryu gets blocked, for example?

I think that’s what he implied, I see Sagat players do that all the time when I bait an uppercut.

Can’t Gouken FADC out of his specials? (I don’t play console so I don’t know) He’s supposed to be Ryu’s master…whatta shame…tsk tsk tsk

fs.hk is really only good vs sagat, abel and gief…otherwise it’s a good poke but it’s also heavily punishable. Also don’t get too used to it since it’s gonna be nerfed in super (and it’s coming out in 2 months so…). c.mk is a good poke, although not nearly as good as ryu’s and the same goes for c.mp.
Also don’t get too used to air fireballs, they’re all easily punishable except the ex version.

My two mains are Gouken and Akuma. I’d say I’m 100% with Gouken and 90% with Akuma, so here goes.

– Gouken’s lone BnB setup is too limiting. Akuma goes from a single peck to links to big damage, fast. Start with a single go-to BnB, then just get familiar with mixups. You don’t NEED 10 hits to do big damage (scaling sucks), so I still focus on 6-8 hits for the most damage while setting myself up for mixup/vortex.
– Akuma’s shoryuken is the BEES KNEES for the “get OFF” move. Gouken has NOTHING like it. Use the shoryuken, be constantly ready to toss it.
– I don’t like Akuma’s demon flips as much as Gouken. For whatever reason, even EX flips will land more BnB hits/sweeps with Gouken than Akuma.
– s.HK is your friend to the world. You introduce yourself with s.HK all the time. It stops many FA baiters, leads into more combos and does plenty of damage. When you go back to Gouken you WILL miss this move.
– Air fireballs are HIGHLY useful and you should master them in all methods of jumps INCLUDING the instant air fireball. Up close, you toss that are nearly safe throughout it’s flight and your land, then you go into sweeps, overheads, etc.
– Akuma teleport gets you out of most of the situations where you could take big damage. Its your friend for sure.
– The lower health on Akuma means you have to play more conservative while maintaining pressure.


Finding that balance of play has been my toughest transition right now, keeping the opponent stressed while not leaving myself open to ridiculously good punishers.

I also play Gouken and Akuma, must be a common combination.
They are totally different, yet somehow resonate, probably because of the Demon Flip.

When I play Gouken then Akuma, I miss Palm though fireballs, and once in a blue moon do a SRK instead because of the conditioning… avoid that :slight_smile:
The only real problem I have with Akuma is the low health, you really have room for at most one mistake a round and not even in all matchups, since a 600 dmg combo ends the round then and there.
He has many more tools to work with, in fact too many for me atm, but as others said, SRK away!

Well it’ll probably feel pretty good playing a character that doesn’t suck and is actually awesome, unlike Gouken, who is a smelly, ethical, old fart who thinks he’s wise and can’t destroy submarines. Now that you have the Satsui no Hado on your side, you’ll have a lot of cool stuff to tinker with. You’ll be over that loser Gouken in no time.

You’ll have a lot to learn: links, resets, vortex, zoning, etc. In certain matchups you can straight up rush that shit down, in other ones you’ll have to be more defensive. You’ll have to pretty much do everything, and you’ll have the tools to do so. There’s a lot to Akuma; you’ll be able to develop your own playstyle, and I think you’ll have a lot of fun with him.