Gouken Practice Tonight 12/29/10

im going to be playing this evening on ps3, if you would like to join me. O-l-dSk00l is my ps3 id, feel free to add me and find me on ssf4, im getting in shape for tournament play. not there yet though, lol

Peep the dojo thread. That’s where the shin sho post theirs at.

yo i sent u a msg and fr lets get some games in tonight.

well practice night was a success. thanks to killa, who came and showed me alot of new tricks. we had a good back and fourth, though he won most of the matches. killa, you got some gouken skills. im getting there, but i need to keep fighting strong opponents who play not only gouken, but also other players. we mixed it up a bit but for me at least it was mostly gouken.

i also fought some other friends i made along the way, who used a wider range of characters, to see how my various mix ups and strategies worked. all fun, all fun.

anywho, tomorrow i’ll be on from 7:30ish mountain time on and off till about midnight. and friday as well. feel free to join me any time im on.

i posted here to get some good goukens out of the works, not alot at my ranks, lol. prolly should post in the other section as well though :smiley:

skool, here is what i have to say about last night. with gouken, you need to use parry. while we were playing i saw plenty of times where you could have used parry and u would have been fine. its not a move that you can use often, but he helps to make your opponent think twice. Especially if they are all over you constantly jumping on you like i was. Your use of air tatsu was interesting. it was working well in the air to air , but it seemed like that was just what you do no matter what when you take to the air. The move is horrible recovery. I would suggest not doing it so much, i punished you countless times for doing random air tatsu towards me when i was on the ground. another thing, palm is great in fireball fights, but buffering it the way you were to the point i could see your gouken go from stand to crouch over and over gives away what you are gonna do. I started baiting you and punishing it. I missed a couple ultras cause of execution, but i successfully baited you to do the move. Try not to show your opponent what your planning. dont be predictable with your block strings, some of those games i was just sitting there blocking knowing that you were gonna throw out that sweep, you ended everything with sweep. i parried quite a few of them. vary it up, keep your opponent guessing. Another thing, dont throw out super or ultra just cause you have low life and your opponent is near you. it seemed like every time you were close to death you would just throw out your super or ultra regardless of my position, ie: next to you, opposite end of the screen. you can always try to come back. If your opponent is far away and tries to chip you with a fb, ex df is an option. its baitable and can be reacted to, but its another option. lastly cause ive got to go to work, palm is not a move you want to be doing when someone is crossing you over. I know it worked in the one set that you beat me, but its such an inconsistent move, you should have got kicked in the head but for some reason you went through me. I was super surprised. anyway, thats it lata

After reading killas post, if you want to use palm to go though fireballs be aware of the fact that you don’t ever need to stand to do a palm.

You can literally just crouch and keep wiggling the joystick from down to down forward and repeat constantly and react with just a button press. You won’t move and you won’t have to do the move because you’ve been buffering it.

Same with Ultra, when I have a boxer at mid screen and I’m trapped in the corner with Ultra, I won’t block, I’ll wait for the dash punch while just going back and forth between down and down forward and when I see the dash punch come I just swing the stick to forward and 3P and it’s ultra time.

yeah, it was a tough go for me during practice. im still fairly unfamiliar with his moves attributes, but i learned alot from those fights. 1. your WAYYY more skilled with gouken than i am, and 2. when im playing someone who’s skill is that much higher, for whatever reason, i straight noob out. i was actually wincing a great deal, because i was playing so poorly, and being so repetitive. you made it very easy to see the massive mistakes i was making. i guess i choked, i dunno. normally i play alot more creatively, but you were very aggressive and i just flipped my idiot switch.

but whatever, losing is losing, and i deserved it, lol, so i’ll just try harder next time. i never actually played through the game, i may go do that tonight before practice. im still trying to figure out how his moves chain together. they aren’t huge chains, but i like the way i got completely punished with a short string when i screwed up.

im not sweating it, im just going to go back to the drawing board and evaluate my mistakes. im going to order my screen cap device this afternoon, so i can watch my fights and cringe with horror, as i pretend im the other guy and see all the holes.

all in all, im stoked. im getting the crap kicked out of me, so hopefully soon, there will be less crap, more gold.

sup guys, send me a message when you guys are setting up a room. would like to test my skills against u guys

might play tonight again, we were live last night, it went well. 7:30pm mountain time, fr me on ps3. :slight_smile:

yooo guys id love to get more involved with the ps3 goukens i play the 360 goukens a lot haha hit me up or i just got off work so u will prolly hear from me already haha i really hope we can get a solid connection too my gouken is alright my defense is terrible and i be messin up alot of my fadc combos but im workin on it so hit me up on psn peoples oh and on my psn AGENTSMlTH in smith its a lower case L in smith…i soo cant wait for AE haha

hey man, im down. i’ll be on tonight most likely, so feel free to fr me, if i dont get u first. id is on my sig in case u missed it, lol. i’ll gladly throw down (and get thrown down a lot too i imagine)

puff ill be on in a bit. psn id is to the left

still on for tonight?

I may pop by, but ill bet the connection wont be much as Im on other side of the pond